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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are very active now

It’s mid-autumn and bass are now scattered in different depths in all parts of area lakes.

On some lakes bass will be active in the backs of coves and creeks on sunny, stable days. These areas are good places to start your fall bass fishing.

If you see bass working shad on or close to the surface, try fishing a top water or shallow water crank bait. A willow leaf spinner bait fished just under the surface will draw strikes from active bass. Some plastics like a plastic jerk bait or a fluke type bait can work well at times. Also lip less crank baits like a rattle trap are top bass producers.

If bass seem to be pretty active and aggressive, try throwing a Colorado-bladed spinner bait. Bass will hone in on the thumping action and sound of the spinner bait blade. This will draw hard strikes from feeding bass.

When you find the bank or area you want to fish, try to position your boat where you can cast with or parallel to the bank. This will keep your bait in the strike zone of bass much longer than if you cast to the bank and reel back out into deeper water toward the boat. By making your cast like this, you will greatly increase your chance of catching more bass.

The bass are active close to the banks on spinner and buzz baits and on shad and fire tiger pattern crank baits. The water is in the 59 to 63 degree range. The largemouth fishing will get even better on some lakes as the lakes settle and temperatures drop even more.

Get out on the water and catch the bass of a lifetime.

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