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Fishing creates lifelong memories

There are special events and things that happen in some people’s lives that leave everlasting good memories

For people who grew up spending a lot of time in the outdoors, I am sure there are fond memories of fishing trips with family and friends. These are memories that will stay with them all their days.

Some things in life like these types of memories are some of the most cherished of all. These are the times that many of us hold dear and are never forgotten. These types of memories are not bought by money but are created by time spent together with family and friends fishing.

I am not sure what it is about a fishing, hunting or a camping trip that makes it so special to those involved. But time spent in the outdoors with people you care about will most certainly create lasting memories.

When was the last time you heard a young person talk about a memory of staying in a hotel during a trip? Take that same kid out on a camping or hunting or fishing trip and spend one-on-one quality time with him or her and I bet you will hear about that trip for a long time.

I have gone to places and stayed in nice motels and had perfect weather and got to get out and do stuff and had a good trip. But later on if you ask me about the trip, I would be lucky to remember a lot about it. But I can tell you in detail about camping and fishing trips that I took over 30 years ago.

I was introduced to the sport of fishing at a very early age by my grandpa and my dad and others in my family. I hold dear the memories of my grandpa and me going fishing on Bull Creek for hornyhead minnows and creek chubs. We had our homemade poles made out of a limber tree limb, our twine string tied to a bent sewing needle for a hook., and a can of redworms from a fresh plowed garden. These are good times I will always remember.

I was brought up camping and fishing on Buckhorn and Carr Creek Lakes and have all kinds of good memories of these times. So get out and spend as much time in the great outdoors that God has blessed us with, and make lifetime memories of your own.

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