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A long year finally comes to an end

This has been a long year to a lot of fisherman. Some of us have had some good trips and have a lot of good success fishing this year. I have been blessed to have had some good bluegill, crappie and bass fishing trips this year.

We all like to think back on all the good fishing memories we have had from early spring up till now. And the best smallmouth bass fishing is still yet to come.

First off, I want to thank all of the good folks that take the time out of their day to read my fishing articles. I receive a lot of emails during the year from fisherman from all over and I read and try to reply to all of them the best I can. But it is time to look ahead to next year and to prepare for upcoming trips.

A good trip to take at the start of the new year is a smallmouth bass trip to a deep, clear lake. Some good baits are hair jigs and tube baits. Live shad minnows or shiners are good bait choices. And in the coldest part of the winter, the float and fly is a top producer of winter smallies.

Then before you know it we will be talking about early spring fishing patterns. I hope to do a lot of new things this new year such as some new fishing videos, to add some new pics and videos to my myspace fishing site, and to start a regular weekly fishing show that would be on several Internet sites.

These are just a few ideas. Please e mail me and tell me what you think or, if you have an idea, you can email me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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