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Smallmouth anglers love the winter

During the cold winter months, most fish will go to deeper, warmer water to spend the winter. But some fish like smallmouth bass will actually stay up in shallower water during the winter and remain active.

This is why so many winter anglers love to fish for smallmouth in the wintertime. This is the time of year that you can catch a monster smallmouth.

There are things that you can do that will give you an advantage in your winter smallmouth fishing. First, plan your trip to a lake that has a reputation as a good winter smallmouth lake. Area lakes like this include Paintsville Lake, Lake Cumberland, Laurel River Lake, and Dale Hollow Lake. Fishing a lake like this will give you a better chance of having a good trip.

During the early part of winter you can use top waters and jerk baits, big blade spinners and crank baits for good action. Position your boat so you can cast parallel to the bank and work your bait back toward the boat. Work your bait with a twitch, twitch, pause, retrieve. This will look like a weak or dying bait fish to a smallmouth and draw a strike.

In the later winter months you can slow down to baits like a jig or tube bait, and even to a blade bait like a silver buddy when the smallies start schooling up.

In the last part of winter and the coldest time, give the float and fly a try. All of these patterns will catch smallmouth in the winter at times. Just bundle up and get out and give this type of fishing a try.

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