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Gabby’s fishing fever

Now is the time to go fishing

With the cool weather a lot of folks think that they will have to wait several months to go fishing again. But this is not the case.

For the angler that can stand the cold weather, there is a world of fishing opportunity. Several fish are active during the winter months, and some fish like smallmouth bass and stripper are fished for in the cooler months because this is considered trophy fish time.

Fish like striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, musky and trout are all catchable in the winter months. Each of these fish has its own patterns that will work on most lakes. Smallmouth bass are without a doubt the most sought after winter fish and for good reason.

Just hook into a five-pound winter smallie on six-pound test line. It is a fight and a heart-stopping event unlike any other. This alone is what makes the smallmouth the king of winter fishing.

Smallmouth bass are most active in clear, deeper water lakes in the winter. Lake Cumberland , Laurel River Lake and, my favorite, Dale Hollow Lake are all good winter smallmouth lakes.

Baits for smallmouth in winter include crank baits, jerk baits, tube baits, hair jigs, blade baits and live bait. In the coldest weather, the float and fly is widely used.

Stripped bass are active during the winter and many guides consider January and February to be the best months of the year for monster strippers. Lake Cumberland offers world-class winter stripper action. There are huge schools of baitfish that will hold around the mouths of major feeder creeks in the winter and strippers will feed heavily on the baitfish.

Largemouth bass will hold on deeper cover than the smallmouth. Lures like the jig and pig and slow moving baits fished in deeper cover will often draw strikes. Crappie will hold on deeper wood cover in winter and will often take a minnow on light line or a small bright-colored tube bait or curly tail jig worked slowly up and down.

Musky can be caught in winter on lakes like Cave Run Lake or Green River Lake. Fish with slow moving spinners and dark colored jigs in deeper rock and wood cover close to a channel.

Trout will hold in open water areas and feed on schools of baitfish. Look for these schools of baitfish in open water areas by watching your fish finder.

You can see that there is no shortage of fishing and places to go during the winter. So get out and give some of these trips a try.

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