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Weather cold but smallmouth aren’t

This may be a cold time of year to many people, but to smallmouth anglers it is the time of the year for some of the hottest action.

I have received reports and pictures of nice smallmouth bass being caught at several lakes. Smallmouth bass will remain active during the winter months and will still hit a bait hard and fight hard. This is why so many anglers fish in the cold weather for the smallmouth bass.

We are blessed to have many very good smallmouth lakes in a threeto four-hour drive of our area. Lake Cumberland, Laurel River Lake, Paintsville Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, Cherokee Lake, and Norris Lake in Kentucky and Tennessee are good smallmouth lakes.

Earlier in the year a medium running crank bait and a big thumping Colorado bladed spinner bait would catch feeding smallies on long slopping chunk rock banks. Then on up into winter, most anglers will fish small darkcolored hair jigs and tube baits. Most will fish in 12 to 20 feet of water.

Most smallmouth anglers feel that from right now till the end of February is prime smallmouthcatching time. And from the reports and pictures I have received lately of smallmouth being caught, I would have to agree.

Right now the water temperatures on most lakes are in the 46-to-50 degree range. What all of these lakes have in common that make them good winter smallmouth lakes are several things. They are basically deep, clear water lakes. They have a good supply of schools of bait fish, and all have a good reputation as winter smallmouth lakes. Most anglers are fishing a float and fly rig or a jig as a main bait or some use live bait.

Get out and give some of these lakes a try and send me your fish reports and pictures to my fishing site at www.myspace/ gabbysfishingfever@yahoo. com and I will post them on my site, or e mail me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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