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Gabby’s fishing fever

Here are cures for fishing fever

After a long, cold, rough winter, a lot of fisherman are ready to get the fishing season started. I have been ready for some time to go fishing for the first time of the new season.

To some people, being all cooped up all winter and getting restless is known as cabin fever. But fishermen refer to it as fishing fever.

It won’t be long till we can enjoy the sport we love, but for a few more weeks there are things you can do that are fishing related that can help knock the edge off . Things like going to a boat and RV show and looking at all the new boats.

At most of these shows there will be venders selling fishing tackle. You can talk to other fisherman and tackle dealers. This will give you a chance to look at new tackle or get big discounts on lures and tackle. I went to the boat show at Pikeville and had a good time looking at the boats and got to buy some new lures. This really helped me, to get out and just be around fishing stuff .

Outdoor stores like Bass Pro Shops have huge events at all their stores around this time of year to kick off the spring fishing season. They bring in big name pros to do seminars and put on demonstrations of new fishing products. These events draw big groups of fisherman that come to shop for fishing tackle and for the chance to meet and learn from the bass fishing pros.

One thing that you can also do is watch fishing shows on TV. This is one of the best ways to see and learn about the fish and type of fishing in which you are interested. There is a fishing show that covers about any type of fishing on somewhere. On TV now are a lot of new outdoor type channels. You can find some type of fishing show on almost every day by searching the program guides.

A lot of you may remember that I had my own fishing show from 1997 till 1999. It was called ‘Fishing with Gabby.’ I had a lot of fun and met a lot of fellow fishermen. I plan on doing another online fishing show soon that will be on several sites. To find out more info you can go to my fishing site, www. myspace/gabbysfishingfever, in a couple of weeks for full updates.

Many of you probably watched the 40th Bass Masters Classic on ESPN2 recently. This is the world championship of bass fishing. This year it was won for a third time by Kevin Van Dam, or as his fans call him, KVD. Most people call him the best bass angler alive today and with his winning record it is hard to argue with this statement.

One of the things that I love to do this time of year is to go through all my fishing stuff and tackle boxes and organize all my new and old tackle for the spring season. There is something about just being around fishing tackle is relaxing to a angler. Check all your poles and reels out and clean and oil them and put line on them and have them ready to go when you are ready for your first trip. Also check out your boat and boat battery.

All these things will get you out of the house some, or at least get your hands on your fishing stuff . This will help cure some of your fishing fever.

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