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Weather trends affect fishing

There are several things that have a huge impact on the early season fishing, things like high or low water, cold or warmer water, clear or stained water and one of the biggest things that affects early season fishing is weather trends.

Weather trends can be a fisherman’s best or worst friend. By this I mean that by a cold front or dropping temperatures during this time of year will cause most fish like bass and crappie to move back out to deeper, warmer water and will make them have a negative mood toward feeding. But if the weather starts to warm over a several day span, this is what is called a warming trend. This is what makes the fish start to become more active and start to move more shallow and feed more.

This is the time that the early season angler will want to be on the water. The warming trend will put the bait fish schools on the move and will cause the fish like the bass and crappie to follow and start to feed.

Look for an area like a big flat that has a dropoff into deeper water and has a creek channel close. Also target places like the deep side of main lake points and along cliff or bluff lines. Old roadbeds are great structures to fish, and most have a old creek channel close by. This always makes for a great place to start fishing.

When you find a spot you want to fish, you can start off with several diff erent baits. Try a small crank bait or a lipless crank bait like a rattle trap. Place your boat so you can make long casts and parallel the bank with several casts. If this does not produce any strikes, you can back off the bank and make a series of fan casts.

On each cast move over some from your last cast and do this till you cover the entire area. If there is still no action in the shallow water, then back off to the edge of the dropoff or channel edge and switch to slower baits like a jig or grub type bait. Make shorter casts and feel for any cover or strikes.

Fishing like this will cover water faster and more effectively than just casting at random targets. If you find a shallow water area that has some good action, then switch to baits like jerk baits and shallow running crank baits.

Look for banks that have wind blowing into them, and look for the sunny, windy banks. These banks will warm faster and the wind will blow the plankton in and the bait fish will follow and feed and the big fish will follow the bait fish schools. Be sure to look for and fish these types of banks.

So when the weather is in a warming trend, get out and enjoy the early season fishing.

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