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Gabby’s fishing fever

Catching fish during a cold front

When cold fronts arrive during the spring warming season, fish such as crappie and bass will feel stressed and will not feed or be as active as they were in the warmer, more stable weather. Fish that were starting to move to shallow water to feed will return to deeper water, most of the time to the first area with a drop off .

This drop may only be a few feet and sometimes it may be several feet. Fish will use and hold on areas such as the edge of a flat until the weather warms up and the conditions are stable. During the warming weather the bass will feed and be more aggressive in the shallow water and are easier to catch. But after a cold front the fish will be in a more negative feeding mood and can be much harder to catch. With a change in fishing strategies from shallow water to deeper water, some fish can still be caught.

First of all you will have to downsize all your tackle and bait and slow your presentation way down. Start by finding a deeper water area, then downsize your line to clear line in the 6 to 8 lb. test range for bass and smaller for crappie. Fish smaller dark colored baits that you can fish slow and tight to cover — baits such as hair and rubber jigs tipped with a pork chunk is a good bait choice. These types of baits can be fished very slow and very tight to and through heavy deeper cover.

After you make your cast, let the bait fall all the way to the bottom and watch your line for any type of twitch or jerk. Most strikes during a cold front will be very light. Work your bait very slowly through and over the cover while watching and feeling for any strike. Most strikes will occur as the bait is on the drop so watch your line close.

Get out and give this type of fishing a try. You can e-mail me at gabbyfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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