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Using jerk baits for catching bass

As the water warms up and bait fish move toward shallow water, bass will follow and look for bait that appears weak or injured. There is artificial bait that resembles and acts just like a wounded fish.

The lure is called a jerk bait or sometimes called a twitch bait, and it will draw a hard vicious strike from a bass. This type of a strike is called a reaction bite, meaning this is a natural reaction of the bass to feed on this type of prey.

Using this type of bait can result in good catches during the early spring pre-spawn time. Look for shallow water areas that have shad bursting the surface. This is a sign of bass feeding on shad schools and is a good place to start fishing for bass with jerk bait. Make your cast close to the bank and let the splash ring settle and then start your retrieve with a twitch. Work the bank area thoroughly, then make a series of fan casts to the area around the boat or bank area you are fishing.

If you see any visible cover such as wood or rocks or weeds, then try to run and work your bait as close to the cover as possible. Use a medium action rod with 8- to 12-pound test line. A longer rod with a good tip action will help with casting distance and hook setting. The longer rod will allow you to pick up slack line quicker off the water that a shorter rod will. Also the limber tip will load up and spring back against a hooked bass making it harder for the bass to throw the hook.

Get out and give jerk baits a try they are the hot ticket to spring time bass. You can e-mail me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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