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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing trips make memories that last

There are a lot of things that you can do growing up with your family and friends. Some of these times you will look back on and remember and you will always hold close to your heart.

If you and your family have enjoyed the sport of fishing, then I guarantee that you have very fond memories of many a fishing trip with your friends and family. And I bet for most folks, some of the fishing trips of which they have the best memories were not in a big expensive bass boat on a big lake but were probably in a small farm pond or wade fishing in a creek with your dad, brother, grandpa or a good friend. These are the good times that most of us remember.

I can remember well my grandpa and I used to dig some red worms out of the garden. Then we would cut some limber tree limbs and clean them off and make a fishing pole out of them. We would take a piece of heavy twine, kind of like kite string, and would put a piece about six foot long on the pole for our line. We would sneak and get some of Granny’s big sewing needles and bend them into a hook. This was a topnotch fishing outfit at this time.

We would go down on Bull Creek and fish in front of a big rock and catch big creek chubsm some a foot long. Then the water was about knee-deep. Now it is about six inches deep. But these are some of my younger days of fishing and some of my favorite memories.

You can take about any young boy or girl fishing and you will be surprised at how excited they can become about catching their first fish. I know a lot of grownups that got introduced to fishing at a very young age, myself included.

How many of you can remember going fishing when you were very young and using a Zebco 33 or 202 rod and reel, and your dad with a big metal minnow bucket and a coffee can full of nightcrawlers out of the backyard? If you were lucky enough to have a little john boat, man, you were king of the lake.

These are memories that many of us hang onto our entire life. I have many good memories like this from my early years with my dad, granddad and family. Nowadays there are so many things that young people can get mixed up with that are no good. For every young person that you can get interested in fishing and in the outdoors, this might just be one boy or girl that can know a life of good times and good memories instead of a life of drugs and other bad influences.

It is not expensive to buy a little starter fishing kit for a new angler .The cost is not what is important, it is the positive influence that you are making on a young person that will start them down the right path in life. Now how can you put a price on something like that? You can’t because the end result in a young person’s life is priceless.

If you know anybody that likes to fish or could just use the good, clean influence of a fun fishing trip, then be sure you take them. You won’t just have fishing memories of a lifetime but probably a friend for a lifetime.

If anybody has a good fishing story they would like to share or anything at all, you can contact me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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