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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bluegill action is picking up

As the weather warms up into spring, the fishing season is in full swing, and most everybody has a favorite fish. This fish is called bluegill.

Bluegill are starting to become active again. The water temperatures are in the mid 50s to the low 60s. This type of water temperatures will bring bluegill into the shallow water areas to feed and get ready to spawn. Bluegill will be very active and feed aggressively in water in the four- to 10-foot range.

There are several good baits for bluegill. Some of these include red worms, nightcrawlers, crickets, meal worms and small minnows. All these baits will work very well for bluegill.

Bluegill are one of the most fished for fishes by anglers of all ages. It is the best fish to use to introduce new and young fisherman to the sport of fishing.

Bluegill are in almost all bodies of water, from lakes to streams and ponds. Some of the best and biggest bluegill I have ever caught were in small farm ponds.

There is the regular bluegill or, as some call it, a sun granny. Also, there is a very large member of the bluegill family called a shellcraker. These bluegill are a darker color and grow much larger. These fish grow to over a foot long and can grow to over two pounds.

Bluegill will hold around some type of cover like wood or brush, rocks, boat docks and any type of manmade or natural cover. Use lightweight tackle and poles with light line in the four- to six-pound test range. Use small hooks and sinkers. The use of a floater is good in most cases, but sometimes it is best to fish without one.

Bait your line and cast it out and most of the time it will not take long to get some action.

Take a kid or someone new to fishing out and give the fast action of bluegill fishing a try.

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