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Stocking up for the future

There are several things that help to ensure the future of fishing for future generations of fisherman. One of the best methods is the trout and other fish stocking program of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department that is done each year.

This department is responsible for releasing several different fish into Kentucky waters each year. It releases fish into lakes, rivers, streams and creeks and into private waters under its management. Fish like bass, walleye, musky, catfish and trout are stocked into select waters at different times of the year. You can check out the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife web site for more information.

The trout stocking program is one of the biggest undertakings of the department each spring, and it will soon be time to do the first spring trout stockings in our area waters. This are the release times and places for our area.

The stocking will be today (Wednesday) at:

Route #1 Fishpond Lake, 2,000 trout; Russell Fork Creek in Pike County, 3,000 trout; Fishtrap Lake tailwaters in Pike County, 1,800 trout; Route # 2 Carr Creek Lake tailwaters, 1,200 trout; Left Fork Beaver Creek in Floyd County, 500 trout; Dewey Lake tailwaters in Floyd County, 1,000 trout; Rockcastle Creek Martin County, 1,000 trout; Martin County Reservior, 1,500 trout; Route #3 Cranks Creek Lake in Harlan County, 1,000 trout; Martins Fork Lake tailwaters, 900 trout; Kingdom Come Lake, 500 trout; and one of my all time favorite creeks to fish, Linefork Creek in Letcher County, 1,000 trout.

So as you can see, the Fish and Wildlife Department works hard in our area to keep a good balance of fishing for all of us who love the sport of fishing. But it is also the duty of all of us responsible anglers to follow the fishing laws of our state. This will leave a good balance of good fishing to our kids and grandkids so they too can enjoy the great sport of fishing we are all blessed to enjoy.

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