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Gabby’s fishing fever

Carr Creek Lake on the improve

I have fished Carr Creek Lake ever since it has been there.

This was a good fishing lake for several years after it was built. These are the same stages that any young lake goes through over the years. The fishing will be good for the first few years and then it seems the fishing will slow down.

This is sometimes due to overfi shing a smaller lake or to drought conditions that have a negative effect on the spawning of the fish for a few years, or even the overharvest of fish that reproduce can destroy a small lake over a short time period.

Responsible anglers that follow the size and creel limits on keeper fish set up by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife not only ensure a future of fishing for our generation, but for our kids and grandkids.

Carr Creek Lake has had upand down fishing years, just like any lake. When the lake was first built several good smallmouth bass were caught. The creeks that feed the lake like Carr Creek were already good fishing creeks so they helped stock the lake with a lot of good fish.

Several years ago the lake started being stocked with walleye. There have been several close to and over 10 pounds caught. My best one is five pounds caught on a crank bait. Walleye cannot reproduce in this lake because walleye have to have a large river to run up to spawn. Carr Creek does not have this so walleye must be stocked.

The water quality and food base in this lake is so good that walleye actually grow bigger and faster in Carr Creek Lake than in most other lakes in the state. Several other anglers and I believe that a new state record walleye will come from Carr Creek soon.

The bass fishing is the best it has been for several years. During the bass tournaments held this year a few over seven pounds have been caught, and several over five pounds have been caught on a regular basis.

Crappie and bluegill are very good most of the time, and even catfish are good.

So get out and give the good action a try.

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