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Fishing for crappie at night

Some fish are easier to catch during the day, such as bluegill, and some, like catfish, seem to bite better at night. Fishing for bass and crappie can be productive day or night.

I would rather fish at night for several reasons. The nights are cooler during the summer, the boat traffic is less, and the mood is better for relaxing and fishing. And when it comes to crappie, I have better luck fishing at night during the warmer months.

At night, crappie will hold onto or close to some type of cover or structure. They will scatter over several depths and can be caught from a few feet deep to more than 20 feet deep. Several factors determine where and how deep the crappie will move at night. These factors include water temperature, water clarity, fishing pressure, weather patterns, the amount of cover available in shallow and deep water and the location of the schools of bait fish crappie will follow.

You can find the man-made cover such as old Christmas trees that have been put out around the lake and fish these or look for fallen trees, brush piles, standing timber and other natural cover. In lakes that don’t have a lot of wood cover, crappie will hold in rock cover.

Use a floating crappie light or a lantern to fish by. It is also best to use limber, long rods with a good tip and some backbone. Light line in the six- to eight-pound test range will work well.

As for baits, a small minnow is hard to beat, but a small brightcolored tube bait or curly tail grub also works well. Try diff erent colors and depths until you find the best combination. You may have to change colors and depths to keep good action during the night of fishing.

This is a relaxing way of fishing. Give it a try some night.

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