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Catching fish in high waters

In the early summer when the lakes are close to summer pool and a big rainstorm comes in, the lakes can rise very fast to above summer pool.

This is what happened at Carr Creek Lake. The lake was close to being full and a big rain pushed it quickly past summer pool by several feet. The water was all the way up to the sidewalk at the beach.

Most of the time when this happens the water will get muddy and the fishing will not be very good. But this was not the case at Carr Creek Lake. The water kept a nice, healthy look to it and the fishing was pretty good.

I had reports of good fishing for crappie, bluegill and bass. What all of these reports had in common was that the best action was close to bank in the flooded cover. This is a typical fishing pattern for this time of year when the fisherman is faced with fishing high water on flooded banks.

As I said, the water on Carr Creek Lake had a good color to it. At this time of year most of the fish are looking for shallow water areas in which to feed and to spawn. As the water rises, it covers new banks and more cover and also all the worms, bugs and insects on which the fish can now feed. This will sometimes start the fish on a feeding frenzy.

Look for newly flooded areas with new green or blooming cover. This is where the most bugs and insects will be coming into contact with the rising water. Look for the cleanest water like where a small ditch or creek runs into the lake, or where a culvert dumps water into the lake. This will bring in new minnows and other bait for the fish to feed on.

Look for these types of areas and fish small baits like willow leaf spinner baits, jigs, small shadcolored crank baits and top waters and jerk baits or poppers. Work these on light line.

Make your cast close to the cover and work it back out. If you can find a cove or pocket that has good isolated cover in the back of it, like a big pile of brush, then cast a small jig or worm to the spot. Make several casts all the way around the brush pile. This is a big fish area in high water

The next time you get the chance to fish rising water, give some of these tips a try.

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