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Gabby’s fishing fever

It’s a great time to fish for bluegill

As the water continues to warm, bluegill are beginning their early summer spawn. Bluegill are now looking for shallow water areas along a shallow bank or in the back of coves and pockets for a preferred nesting site — places that have clear water and a sandytype bottom.

A bluegill nest on the sandy bottom of the lake looks like a small bowl-shaped pocket. Most of the nest areas will have a bluegill in or close to the nest, protecting the eggs from other fish, lizards and birds.

When you see a bluegill holding on a nest, you can cast a small bait such as a red worm to the area. Sometimes the bluegill will eat the bait and sometimes the bluegill will just take the bait and move it away from the nest and spit it out. Whatever the case, you can catch the bluegill most of time, but it is a good idea to release these bluegill to protect their eggs.

Bluegill will move in and out for more than a month during the spawning period. As soon as one bunch is done spawning, on the new moon cycle, a new group will move in to spawn.

As far as tackle goes, all you need is a lightweight rod and reel combo. A limber light to ultra light rod with a spin cast reel like a 202 or 404 is a good choice. A small spinning reel works great also.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on this type of tackle, and for the money there is not a more fun or aggressive fish to try to catch. Spool your reel with clear line in the four- to sixpound test range and use small split shot sinkers and small floaters. I like to use the long shank small hooks because you can get the hook out of a deeply hooked fish easier.

Nesting bluegill love lake areas where a culvert or drainpipe brings in fresh water and food. Make your cast as far as you can and work it in and around the nest area. If a bluegill is on the nest, the action will be fast.

I have fished in a big cove like this and caught more than 60 bluegill in one hour, so this is a high action type of fishing.

You can use worms, minnows or crickets for bait and also some types of small flies. Take along a child or someone who likes to fish but gets bored when the action gets slow. This wide open action will make a fisherman out of just about anybody.

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