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Games, paper dolls got kids through winter



Well, I saw frost on some housetops Monday morning on my way to the rec center. I know it’s time for it, but I’m surely not ready for cold weather.


There are people that prefer it to summer and I just can’t understand that. I guess it’s because when there is snow or ice on the roads I can’t get out and go if I want to or have to.

When we were growing up this wasn’t a problem, because when all five of us kids were stuck inside we could always find some kind of game to entertain us. Some of our favorites were the board games “Clue”, “Monopoly”, “Sorry”, “Checkers”, “Chi- nese Checkers”, and if we got tired of these Mommy could always draw us girls some paper dolls and we would cut them out and design her all kinds of clothes.

This was so entertaining and would go on for hours. Once you drew the clothes you then colored them and put tabs on the shoulders that would fold down over the doll before you cut them out. The dolls were usually drawn on the inside of cracker boxes or cereal boxes so they would be thicker and last longer.

Later on, McCall’s and Better Homes and Gardens magazines started putting a page in their magazines with a paper doll of some sort and a few clothes. We thought we had it made when these came out.

Oh, how simple life used to be!

It has been so good to finally get Lizzie Mae Wright back to Letcher County Senior Citizens. She looks as spry as she always did before she fell. Everybody sure has missed her. Mommy said to tell everybody at the rec center hi and that she remembers everybody and loves you all.

It was so good to see that Cecilia Begley Swiney finished her rehab with the Physical and Occupational Therapy departments at Pikeville Medical Center. She is now home and is taking therapy at the Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Physical Therapy Department.

She said she was able to go to church. Her mom, Carol Reynolds Begley, has also been in the hospital with pneumonia but is out now.

Her uncle Leonard Begley usually keeps me updated on how everybody is doing, but I haven’t seen him in awhile.

One of our church members at Letcher Independent Baptist, Bill Frazier, celebrated a birthday on Oct. 9. One of my Whitesburg High School good friends, Ida Webb Adkins, will celebrate her birthday on Wednesday the 16th.

Then, one of my former parents from Martha Jane Potter who is also a daughter-in-law to my first cousin Linda Sharon Adams Boggs, Chrystal Boggs will celebrate her birthday on Wednesday the 16th also.

Another church member graduated from Galen College of Nursing this past week, Racheal Runyon. She has had a wonderful testimony since we have known her and I know her whole family is especially proud of her. Congratulations, Racheal.

I’ll close here for this week by reminding everybody to please pray for Mommy’s sister, Linda Pennington Hall, and all the others that are in Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Also, remember some of our seniors that desperately need prayers, Doug Wright, Estel Taylor, and Imogene Sexton. As always, I ask you to remember in prayer our pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife Sandy and their family.

And, Oma’s closing once again, remember to be in church Sunday morning and throughout the week if your church has services then.

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