Whitesburg KY

Garage stopped but car didn’t

Northeast Ohio

Greetings to all you good ole mountain folk and hoping you are having a great day. It’s sunny but chilly here, and redbuds and lilacs are now beginning to really bloom out.

Red and I went to Little Edna Church Sunday. They had a big crowd, good meeting and some beautiful singing. They had visitors from Michigan, Jonny Bentley and his sweet wife, Audrey, also another preacher they called Brother Willis. I don’t know him.

I started another quilt. Right now I have both downtown. I’ve got some uptown cleaning to do, curtains, windows plus much more. I’m cleaning shelves and have several items to put in a garage sale. Not that I’m all that anxious to get rid of things (I’m a pack rat), but it’s getting harder and harder to climb and dust.

I’m still doing work clothes for Billy Wayne and right now I’m all tuckered out.

I talked to sisters Sarah Belle and Jeanie. Both seem to be doing fairly well for which I am very thankful.

I talked to Georgia. She and Richard are both doing well. I told her what I was fixing for supper: soup beans, mustard greens, fried ‘taters, cornbread and onion. It’s one of her favorite meals so she told me to set another plate! I’ll do that and she better show up as I’ll add another ‘tater or two.

I’m beginning to wonder if we will make it down Memorial weekend. It seems like too much is going on. We are having a huge oak tree removed from the front lawn; it’s close to the house and Red got worried that with the fierce winds we have at times it might fall on the house. If that should happen it would really cause some damage; that will probably get done next week. We also have to have the whole back end of the garage repaired. Someone (not me!) started to put the car inside Sunday night and just as he got inside the door something went wrong with the gas pedal and before or almost before you could blink the whole back was pushed out. The car didn’t go through and Red wasn’t hurt, only a few nicks and scratches on the hood. I’m so thankful we weren’t on the highway.

On first day of May I can remember Mom letting us go barefoot. We could hardly wait. Don’t think I’ll go barefoot though.

Time to send May birthday wishes to the following: twins Brooke and Bailey Graham in Jonesborough, Tenn., on the fifth; Eva Dale Douglas in Sacramento, Calif., on the ninth; Gaynell (Joyce) Fields in Columbus, Ind., on the 15th; nephew Steven Mark Sanders in Tennessee on the 11th; Red’s nephew Troy Lynn Engle in Pennsylvania on the 18th; Victoria Diane Engle (granddaughter of Carleta and Creighton Adams) in Whitesburg on the 19th; my niece Lana Sergent (daughter of Henry Warren) in Murray on the 22nd; and great-grandson Joshua Presley Engle in Elyria, Ohio on the 30th. Wishing each and every one a great day with lots of presents and plenty cake and ice cream. Best wishes to anyone else who has a birthday or an anniversary.

Richard and Georgia just left. They did come for supper and even brought dessert, an individual sized pie for each of us.- red raspberry for Richard, butterscotch for Georgia, lemon meringue for Red and banana cream for me.

Catharine just stopped by. She got off early so I’m gonna have to rush and get this finished.

Richard and I got talking about the kids we knew and grew up with, so many have moved away or passed away. So sad but that’s something we all have to face sooner or later.

Gonna call tomorrow and make our reservations for Memorial weekend. We will be making them for four nights, Thursday through Sunday. Valerie will be coming also. We’ll be having breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill Friday and Saturday and possibly Sunday mornings, so if you should be in or near the vicinity please stop by and say howdy.

So till next time, same place, y’all have a great day and great week. May your lives be filled with love, sunshine and peace in your heart and soul.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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