Whitesburg KY

Garden is growing well even without any rain

Northeast Ohio

Dear friends and neighbors, hope this finds all well and do hope you had a safe and happy Fourth of July with lots of sunshine and no rain to spoil your cookouts and picnics.

We spent the day at home, and did have some company. Grandson Chris and his son, Evan, came by, and later Bill and Redia came by.

We went to Little Edna Church. There was a smaller crowd than usual but a good meeting and lots of beautiful singing. The preachers taking part were Eddie Wallen from Little Pilgrim Home, Ruggles, Ohio, and a visiting preacher from Waverly Ohio, I can’t remember his name. Sorry!

Georgia, Debbie and her children, went to Amish Country, but Georgia couldn’t find any dried apples, so guess I’ll not be making dried apple pies for our picnic.

I will probably end up making a stack cake and, Gladys Smith, I’m sure there are many who make a better cake, but I do have a good recipe. It’s one that was printed in The Mountain Eagle many years ago. I’m sure some good mountain woman was the best baker. It was a pleasant surprise to know you read my pitiful attempt to write a column; I make no claim to being a writer. I read everyone’s column, in fact I usually read the Eagle cover to cover.

I went to the funeral home for visitation for LaRuth Burke. From the number of people who showed up you could tell how well loved and respected she was. Visitation was 4 to 8 p.m. I left there just about 4 p.m. and both parking lots were already full. I had to park two blocks away on a side street. I did get to see all three of her children. Both girls, Scottie and Lillian (Goma), looked well but her son, Richard, isn’t too well. My love and prayers to all three and also the rest of the family.

I have talked to all my family and am pleased to report everyone is doing well, Ron said Johnell was more or less back to normal and doing well. Jeanie is really doing great with her dialysis, but she is still far from where she would like to be, Phil broke a finger and don’t know if he was being macho or meek, but wouldn’t go to see a doctor so ended up having to have surgery. I haven’t heard just how the surgery went or what all they had to do. I’m thinking he might have splintered the bone. I do hope he’s behaving and not in too much pain.

I have had several requests for the cornbread salad recipe so decided to put it in the paper. I had to go to Food City, Whitesburg to find the Mexican Corn Bread mix I use. I’m sure other stores carry it, but not around here.

Cornbread Salad: Mix as directed and bake two (2) packages corn bread mix. Cool and crumble till pretty fine. Add one (1) cup each, diced green peppers, onions and fresh tomatoes. Toss with one (1) cup mayonnaise. This is just the basic recipe. I always make at least six (6) or eight (8) packages for a crowd and for a more colorful salad, mix some red pepper with the green. Enjoy!

Ricky and Joyce with their crew, Loren, Jordan and twins Bailee and Brandon, were planning to leave Friday night or early Saturday morning for a vacation at Santa Claus, Ind. It’s an amusement park. I don’t know how long they plan to be gone.

Red has a really pretty garden considering the fact that we have had no rain in quite some time. I suppose the only good thing about that is the lawns don’t have to be mowed very often.

Anna had been to Virginia Beach, Va., to visit her son, Larry, and family. She went with her youngest son, Ronny, and his wife, Tiffany, twins Luke and Alli and baby Kelsey. They went on to South Carolina and Anna stayed in Virginia. A very good time was had by all.

I just heard about the death of a very dear lady, Colleen Wright. My sympathy to all her family. Colleen and her husband, the late John Wright, lived just above Dad and Mom on Indian Creek. No one could have been better to two older people than the Wrights. They were like family, just another son and daughter.

To nephews Tim and Kirk Sanders, and of course all the others, I am going to be looking for you at the Engle-Sergent picnic on Sunday, August 5. Oh! Before I get myself in trouble, all nieces are also invited. I had planned to send cards but being the procrastinator I am, they never got written.

Time to sign off for now, with love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave Lorain, OH 44055, 440-233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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