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Garden produce is almost ripe

Hi all. I hope everyone had and is having a great week. We are back to hot and humid weather after a few days of almost perfect weather. We really do need a good slow rain. Gardens are beginning to droop a bit.

My potted cucumbers are growing up the porch post and are blooming, tomato vines are hanging full, and next week we should be able to pick our first mess of beans. I can hardly wait.

We’ve been having quite a bit of company lately. I love cooking for company, but I am really slow anymore so I do as much as I can ahead.

Three left Monday and three more will be here tomorrow (Friday). Sunday 17 ate here, and I was glad they did, else we could have been eating leftovers all week.

For dinner we had Bill and Redia, their son Steven and his son Joshua, and Catharine. For supper there was Jeanie, Phil and Christy, and not long after we finished, Richard, Georgia, their daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and Billy Resor with Cassie, Ben and Kristen, and of course the two of us ate.

We fixed two good size beef roasts, cooked two gallon packs of freezer beans, a big pot of mashed potatoes, coleslaw, cornbread, plus other kinds of bread, cottage cheese, Cool Whip Jell-O salad for dessert, dried apple pie and lemon squares. I baked three dried apple pies this morning.

Well, it seems the Sergent family has hit a bumpy spot. Sarah Belle is in a hospital in Cincinnati and was scheduled for surgery. They found three tumors on her colon. She went in because she just could not walk, and thought it was gout. They were doing tests and planning to send her to rehab, and that’s when they found the tumors. I wish I could have gone down, I just didn’t know in time.

Buford called me from Edmonton, Canada, to let me know she was in the hospital. He had delivered a trailer somewhere in Canada, and was on his way home. I found out that he had rolled his truck about four times in North Dakota, I think. He is one lucky guy, and only really got bruises from the seat belt, especially on his shoulder. Thank the Good Lord for seat belts and the guardian angel riding with him.

Jeanie, Phil and Christy were getting ready to leave for Louisville when Phil started having some chest pains. We thought he needed some Tums, which we did not have. He must have really been in pain, as Christy took him to the emergency room. He was checked over and sent to the hospital where he spent the night. He had tests and they found a valve in his heart that is not working right. He has to see his cardiologist, as he did have heart surgery a few years back. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Charles called Red and said their sister-in-law, Goldie Engle (widow of Chalmer), who now resides at Letcher Manor, is in the hospital at Whitesburg, and from what he said she’s in pretty serious condition.

I just called my brother, Henry Warren, in Murray, and he’s having trouble with his knees. He said sometimes he can’t even walk, but sometimes they are better.

I also called Anna Lea in Whitesburg, recently, and she said she wasn’t feeling up to par, and didn’t even feel like herself. I forgot to ask who she felt like.

What was it I was saying about this Sergent family? It seems as though everyone is falling apart at about the same time. We have been blessed though, out of nine children we have lost only one, our oldest sister, Ethel Sanders.

Redia stopped by this afternoon, and Richard and Georgia just left. They has some pie and coffee with us.

Hello to Nettie Bentley and her daughter Janice in Eustis, Fla., and to Sue (Collins) Holder in the Deane area. I believe now the address is Jackhorn. I do hope everyone is doing well.

I guess I had better get this finished. I don’t want Catharine to have to wait, as she works a double shift every Friday.

My heartfelt sympathy to Hillard Newsome and family, who lost a wife, mother, grandmother and friend last week. Hillard is the moderator of Antioch Church in Louisville, which is where Jeanie is a member.

I also want to send my sympathy to Jeanie’s good neighbor, Carrie, who lost her husband about the same time. I really like both of the ones left, as both are very special.

Love and prayers to the both of you, and to any and all who might be reading this, and that includes Emma (Adams) Amburgey and Emilie Schmidt.

Have a blessed day, peaceful nights, and share a smile everyone you meet.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com

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