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Gardeners are said to need a hoe

Hello everyone!

Summertime has finally arrived, at least for this week. It is supposed to cool down somewhat in the next few days. I finally resorted to getting my window air conditioner in my living room. I usually don’t have to do this chore until late June.

Once again I’ve been rather sick for several days. I find I can breathe much easier when it is cool, although I really do hate air conditioning. I haven’t had central air for too many years to even count.

Monday, my daughter Kay Gray came by to bring me several Mother’s Day gifts. She was worn out; so was I. Kay gave me a gift that will long linger in memories as she took pictures of my beautiful wisteria vine that was given to me as a twig by Matt Glazer about five years ago. Kay also took pictures of my irises and put the pictures on Facebook so I could share. Kay brought me a vase of tiger irises from her yard. I love them, as they are different from any that I have. This meant as much to me as the lovely gifts that she brought me.

Kay brought my fouryear old great-granddaughter Harlow Gray to see me. As they were getting ready to come to see me, Kay picked up her little poodle Charlie. Harlow wanted to know if I allowed dogs in my house. Kay replied she was bringing Charlie. Well, Harlow informed her some people didn’t want dogs in their house.

Then Harlow asked Kay if I had birds, that dogs didn’t like birds, they would catch them and eat them. Of course Kay told her that I didn’t have birds.

As I am writing this column I can smell the fragrance of the wisteria wafting through the door. I wish I could bottle this sweet smell.

Ray Boggs, as I sit outside I think of you saying how you can almost see the hayfield as I describe where I live. When we bought this house almost 44 years ago, I fell in love with this place. The only thing I would change, I wish it were back a little ways from the highway as the traffic has really gotten bad over the years.

Everyone can’t live on top of a beautiful mountain as I would dearly love. There are two houses hidden in the trees across from me high above the road, however I have been satisfied in my little corner of the world. It will remain mine until I finish the remaining days. I love the idea of not having nosey neighbors that live close.

Southern Ohio

I’ve been working in my yard trying to find a place for some special plants. I don’t know what to try to use — my faithful spade, since my legs are weak, a mattock or a rusty hoe that I’ve kept for several years. It seems in good condition, although used a bit. I’ve heard that everyone who tends a garden needs a good hoe, so being I’ve kept mine

I’ve resulted to all as I can flip the soil over with the spade, yet it seems I’m very glad that I have kept the hoe from previous years of gardening as is lighter for me to use. I am reminded of the saying that everyone needs a good hoe to help with their gardening. I find I need my good hoe to help in my flowers.

I decided to try something in my kitchen as I’ve been going through things in my basement that I’ve forgotten was down there. I am going retro as I put a small shelf in my kitchen that I can place a water bucket and dipper that I used over 50 years ago, along with a teakettle, an old coffee pot that some one gave me, my mother’s cast iron pot that she used, my brother Jerry gave me after Mother passed away. l still have a cast iron Dutch skillet with a lid I used over 50 years ago also. I really was surprised to find these items from so long ago.

I have two one-gallon churns on my kitchen counter that caught my grandson Jamie Gray’s attention. Of course I enjoyed explaining to him what they were used for.

Friday evening, Vicki Power and I attended her daughter Tina and Tim’s wedding. Tina is such a gorgeous woman. She chose an off-white dress, which fit her perfectly. Tim was very handsome in his suit.

This was a very simple affair, and the decor of the Lodge was absolutely beautiful. Tim and Tina did most of the decorating themselves. The food looked scrumptious. Once again I had to watch while everyone enjoyed.

As the ceremony was being held, tears welled in my eyes as the vows were being spoken. I had to mentally take control of my emotions as I was just a friend of the bride’s mother, not the mother of the bride. This is a marriage being built on love, honesty and trust as they have taken their time to build it this way.

I didn’t realize how privileged I was until there was a call for a family picture. The only one that wasn’t family was the man who married them,who was also the DJ, plus someone helped him at the controls and myself. Thanks Tina, Tim and Vicki for inviting me.

The highlight of the evening, the little flower girl was Tina’s granddaughter who isn’t two years old. As she threw the rose petals on the floor, she would pick them up, put them back in the basket.

As I write this, it just dawned on me, there were four generations at this wedding, Vicki, her daughter Tina, her three children Kyle, Samantha and Katie, along with Kyle’s little daughter who was the flower girl.

Tina and Tim are spending the weekend at Dale Hollow.

Seeing this simple but elegant wedding makes me ponder about my granddaughter Jodi’s upcoming wedding, which will not be until September 15, 2018. Jodi is having 13 bridesmaids. She is planning an outside wedding on the gazebo in her parents’ backyard, then the reception will be at some fancy place with rustic decor in Cincinnati.

Sometime previous to the wedding there will be a bachelorette party given for Jodi in Nashville, Tenn., along with a bachelor party for Carl in a different venue. Jodi wants me to go to this event as she wants me to part of everything in her wedding. Oh no, I don’t think so.

H.S. Honors night for my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham, Academic Club, Overall Achievement Spanish 2, Overall Achievement Advanced English 1.

H.S. Honors night for my granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham, Academic Club, 110% Award for PE, Overall Achievement Compacted Math, Overall Achievement English 7, 110% Award for Band 7.

Would I sound like a very proud grandmother on Jessica and Katie’s achievements? You bet your boots I am busting with pride.

Monday evening, my grandson Kyle Nottingham will be graduating from kindergarten. I had planned to go see Tony Hale & Black Water Band. Sorry, Tony, I traded you in for a younger guy. You will have to sing my song without me.

Sunday afternoon, I attending a program at Indian Creek Church and Burial Ground near Riley, Ohio. At the end of the program they had a man who played the Scottish bagpipe. He wore a kilt! The music was beautiful. Then a young man played Taps; this is a heartbreaking piece of music. It reminds me of all the veterans that have given their life for our country.

Warren and Judy Waldron entertained the crowd with some old-time music.

While watching television there was a short segment that caught my attention. It was two men who has started something called Helping Veterans to Heal through music, teaching them to write out their feelings through words of a song. The men said they were not therapists, saying how good music and writing were for each individual.

In 1989 when I first started writing poetry, this was exactly why I started writing. I had so much pent up emotion, my thoughts started coming out in rhymes and music. Dancing has been a lifesaver for me also.

The family of Manuel and Laura Amburgey met at the home of Mike and Kim Combs, Saturday, May 20, for a reunion. Kim is the daughter of Owen and Emma Amburgey. Those in attendance were Ila Amburgey Hall, her daughter Carol Houggard, and grandson Andrew Hall; Neweral Amburgey and friend Robbie; Emma Amburgey; Donnie Amburgey, son of Willie Amburgey; Sally Amburgey Hampton, husband Charles, son Scott, wife Denise, sons Kyle and Brandon; Sue Amburgey, wife of Ted, daughters Debbie Caudill, Vicki Blair and husband Evan; Tim and Judy Amburgey; Frances, wife of Greg, and grandchildren Sidney, Dakota, and Peyton; Jo Combs, Melissa, Newell and son Joe. The food was wonderful and the fellowship great.

Thanks, Debbie Caudill, for sending me the information as several of these I remember their names.

Carcassonne Square Dance will be holding another dance May 27. Since this is my birthday, I am thinking seriously of going to this one. What better way to celebrate than doing something that means so much to me.

Hello, Mike and Marcia Caudill.

Les and Pat Wagner are busy with graduation parties.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, are still recuperating from Johnny’s wonderful birthday celebration.

Hayward Day, I haven’t heard anything from you for quite some time. I hope you and Kim are doing alright.

I just heard such tragic news as there was a horrific fire in Lexington that took the lives of several that have families in Letcher County. Debby Polly, my heart and prayers go out to everyone.

I better bring this to a close. Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio

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