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Mostly sunny

Gardening in boxes

Back during the winter I was thinking of growing a little garden, which was a good idea except I had no place to grow one.

We live on a rock pile, which I call Rattler Ridge. We haven’t seen any rattlesnakes here, but it seemed like a fitting name since it looks like an awful good place to find them.

When springtime finally arrived, I was still thinking of having a postage stamp garden, so I made me two wooden boxes, four feet square, plus one two feet square. They are about eight inches deep and lined with black plastic to conserve moisture, except the small one.

I planted two potatoes at opposite corners and two tomatoes opposite each other, and they are doing real good.

The four-foot boxes, I planted pole beans around the edges and stuck them when they got big enough in the one box, but I have planted beans three times in the other big box and only got two beans to come up.

I planted again a couple of days ago, and if they don’t come up this time, I’ll just plant some mustard instead of beans.

We had to haul enough dirt in buckets to fill the boxes, which was quite a chore since it had to be

DIRECTV carried after we got it home the rest of the way to the boxes.

We just had a good mess of beans from the first box, so it hasn’t been a total loss. We only used Miracle Gro on them and kept them watered.

We should get another picking from them if the bugs don’t beat me to them. It’s getting late in the season, and if the beans don’t come up in the other box I’ll just plant a little mustard, I guess.

But after hauling soil for 17 miles, I figure I ought to grow something, and not just give up.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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