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Gardens are producing peas, lettuce, onions


FAMILY PORTRAIT — This photograph of the Howard family was taken at their Christmas party at the Sandlick Fire Department in 2008. Whitesburg correspondent Oma Howard says,

FAMILY PORTRAIT — This photograph of the Howard family was taken at their Christmas party at the Sandlick Fire Department in 2008. Whitesburg correspondent Oma Howard says, “There were more of us. Some had to leave early.”

Hello everyone. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Can you believe this weather? I saw 87 on the thermometer in Whitesburg Friday.

I’ve already started spring fever, not spring cleaning. We’ve still got some little winters coming but I’m going to enjoy these warm days and not think of the others.

I guess all you industrious people are getting your gardens started. I’m not one of you. I’ve seen some pretty peas at the home of my cousins, Sylvester Jr. and his wife, Carol, on Blair Branch. She said they had lettuce and green onions. I’m sure they are enjoying that.

My sister-in-law, Joyce Howard, and I visited Clyde and also Kellis “Bud” Hatton. They were doing pretty well.

Louise Shepherd and her daughters, Pam Gardner and Shannon Banks, took Carol Day to meet her friends from Mountain Comp and go on a cruise. I’ll know more about it when they get back. They were going to spend the night with Jerry Shepherd and his family. I think they were going to have a big cookout on Friday evening. I can almost smell the good food. I’m sure Louise will enjoying having all her family together.

My son, Astor “Red” Hatton, called me and asked me if I could remember where I was on this day five years ago. I said no, I could barely remember where I was yesterday. He said, “You were at my home for my wedding.” I was embarrassed. I had better start writing things down. I have 41 in my immediate family and it’s hard to keep up with the birthdays of the four generations.

I talked to my friend, Roberta Willie, in Roanoke, Va. She had been putting down tile in her dining room. That girl can do anything!

Bennett Welch called asking if I had heard any more from Beryl C. Franklin, who wanted to get in contact with someone who graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1941. Beryl lives in Monroe, La. Bennett has been trying to reach him at his email address and hasn’t been able to reach him. He knows the names of the people in the picture. Maybe Beryl can reach Bennett.

Sue Banks of Cowan called and is trying to find out where Judy Ann Puckett’s parents, Oma and Dennis Shepherd, are buried They lived at Belcraft. Oma died in 1950 at Hazard Hospital. She had twin boys who died prematurely. She was buried where they were buried. She said it was somewhere between Isom and Craft’s Colly and had no tombstones. She also mentioned Jim Roberts and his family, who lived at Belcraft. She said the cemetery was Combs Cemetery. Maybe someone knows something about this and can help her out.

Rob and I had our usual dinner at Pine Mountain Grill. Billy couldn’t make it. It was good seeing Loreva (Banks) Cornett and her daughter, Dianne. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. We haven’t seen Pauline and Richard Adams in a while. Hope they are OK. We did see Esther and Robert Wagner and Ted Amburgey and some of his family. He’s a good singer.

My son, Larry Hatton, wanted me to tell everyone he was proud of our Police Chief Slone. He said he was doing a good job and was so polite.

It was good seeing Erbie and Pam Pratt. She wanted to know how big my little goat Annabel was. She asked if I had a baby goat they could use in their Easter cantata, which was Saturday night and Sunday. I didn’t have one. I had three and the mom quit feeding them after 10 days and I gave them all to a doctor in Norton, Va. They are happy and well taken care of. I couldn’t handle that job with Clyde sick and I have to be gone a lot. They were so cute.

I’d like to say hello to Louise and Everett Joseph. Louise is recuperating at home on Cowan. I’m going to come up and see you and your house I’ve heard so much about. I hope you are doing better.

The ladies of our church met at Dairy Queen on Thursday for our ladies that had a birthday. We always have a good time.

Well, my hand is getting tired and I’m sure you are yawning from boredom.

May God bless you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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