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Gary Calihan injures shoulder, wrist

Hello again everyone! Fall is in the air as it is a little chilly early of the mornings. No, I am not ready for this as I am never ready for summer to end.

Leaves are starting to change in certain areas. I have a huge maple tree in the front yard so the porch is starting to get a few more leaves each day on it. It is a price you pay for living in the country, although since a well-known business has taken over the road that I live on there’s nothing country anymore as it has a business right above me. Traffic is really bad, plus another business has huge gravel trucks that go by several times a day. The only peace is on my back deck, as there you don’t notice it.

The park owns over 100 acres around me. I can see green for a long way and, believe me, that beats buildings on either side of me any day. Of course across the road in front of my house is the beautiful, spacious hayfield, so I will not complain too much.

Oxford Community Arts Center in Oxford, held its first annual event. The ballroom is beautiful with the double doors that open so you can enjoy the fresh air. They have switched to contra dance, which is similar to square dance and is down in more lines, yet has square dance calls.

Warren and Judy Waldron have decided to play music instead of Judy calling as she has done this for many years. Another caller took that part over. No use denying I prefer square dancing, at the present time I have to be satisfied to sit and watch. There was a huge crowd in attendance.

I was invited three times to dance by three different guys and had to reply no, my ankle was broken. I could have said my heart is broken also.

Everyone really had a great time dancing, and actually I enjoyed watching everyone having fun. Hearing the laughter was like music to my ears.

It really feels good to be able to drive myself, as Vickie Power was exhausted from working all week. Daphne Korner is not into square dancing plus it is far for her to drive to my house and back. I am not letting that stop me from going, not as long as it isn’t bad weather, then I will stay home.

This car has a CD player and I am perfectly content driving by myself. Yes, I sound selfish and weird, I really don’t mind being by myself. Whether it is home or driving.

Lately it seems that Johnny and Ann Calihan can’t seem to catch a break, as their son had a bad fall. Gary Calihan went to see the annual display of fireworks in Cincinnati, which is an amazing event. Evidently Gary sat too long, as his leg folded when he stood up, injuring his shoulder and his wrist. Gary has an appointment to see a hand specialist.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner is on a liver transplant list. I feel like making signs and displaying them, though I doubt if that would do any good.

Ann is going each week to something called wound care with her leg. I really hope this heals soon so she can get some relief from the pain.

Blackey Day is creeping up, as it won’t be long until the date arrives.

Friday evening Campbell’s Branch Community Center had to cancel its usual event, due to plumbing issues. I know there were a lot of disappointed people who attend this event every week. I always look forward to the videos that are posted on Facebook.

Friday, Sept. 13, at Campbell’s Branch Community Center, Sunrise Ridge will be the featured band. Come hungry, as good food is available.

Saturday, Sept. 14, is the Carcassonne Community Center square dance, Sunrise Ridge is the featured band. Callers are Will Bowling and Randy Wilson. Come hungry, as food is always available.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner I hope you are feeling better.

Please keep your calendars marked for the Letcher County Picnic at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio 45030 on Sept. 21 at 12 p.m. Please bring a covered dish and drink. For information, call 513-526-8512.

My computer is messing up, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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