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Gas heat, water are finally back

Big Cowan

Hello folks. Well, I finally got thawed out. Finally got gas heat again.

Stayed with my sister and brother-in-law, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe for a week. No water or heat.

Everyone was worried I would freeze to death in below zero weather. Snowed in at home a few days before going up there.

Craft’s Colly roads were worse than here. We all had a good time and laughed at everything, then I started missing home, and me and my two little dogs came home Wednesday.

Got gas delivered on Friday. One of the water lines was broken. Mike glued it and put it back together, and then another line broke. Thank God anyway.

Melinda “Kay-Kay” had been in the hospital again with pneumonia, vomiting and fluid build-up on her stomach. She is home now, doing some better.

Mike was out of gas also, so he stayed at the hospital with her and stayed warm and had good food.

Regina Sloan, Estelene Shepherd, and Lorraine Stewart were all in the hospital. They were dismissed on Saturday.

Don Sturgill was in the hospital at Pikeville. I stopped in to see him on Friday. His daughter Donna was there and said he had a rough day. He was asleep.

Cora came home to rest a little bit. She needs prayer also.

So many people have been so sick during this cold spell, and I think we will all be ready to welcome spring and not complain.

I finally made it to church last Sunday, praise the Lord. Seven days without church makes one weak, and I sure was. I needed church and my church family.

In memory this week: Lou Anna Fields Ingram died three years ago on Feb. 20; Nick Conasta, three years ago on Feb. 21; Jasper Fields would have been 97 on Feb. 22. Not a day goes by that I do not miss him.

Happy birthday in Heaven, Daddy, and I love you.

Loreva Fields would have been 91 on Feb. 22.

Late happy birthdays: Jay Bates, Feb. 24; Amber Fields, 33, on Feb. 25. Love you, girl. She is my daughter-in-law. Diana Goedeker, 65, on Feb. 25; Jeanne Adams on Feb. 27; Debbie Eldridge and Jean Banks Poisel, and Winter Aubrey Jefferson, two years old, all on Feb. 28.

Audrey Maggard Hammonds, 74, and Archie Joe Maggard had a birthday, both on March 1; Lexie Fields, 11 years old on March 2; Paul McIntosh and Barbara Wagner Bruner, both on March 3; Elmo Day will be 91 on March 4.

Also in remembrance this week: Bill Maggard, Sr. would have been 76, and Elmer Fraley died three years ago, both on March 3; Heather Day Griffie died five years ago, March 4.

Well folks, going to go for now. Not much to write about except snow and cold. Hopefully it will get warmer.

Until next time, stay in, stay warm, stay safe, and may God bless.

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