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Partly sunny

Gas ovens kept people warm


On January 27, our snow from the day before turned to ice overnight. There was no school in Nelson County or Bardstown City School Districts. That night, our electricity went out. I was informed by the man who answered at city hall that the entire city was out.

Trees were breaking in back and front of our apartments. The electricity had gone out about 6:00 in the Pottershop Road area. I had received a text from a friend out there. When we lost power in Maple Hill, they lost it at the same time in Ashbury.

On January 29 at precisely 3:48 p.m., we finally got our electricity back. My friend, Tracy Cissell, never lost power. The Bardstown Middle School was set up as a shelter by the Red Cross.

A majority of us in the apartment complex used our gas ovens to stay warm. We were also lucky to have gas hot water heaters so that those who had to work could still have a hot shower. The kids got enough games for Christmas to keep them entertained.

The fire department rushed generators to the oxygen patients in the area. It was said that FEMA would reimburse people for the cost of a generator. PLG Channel 13 posted a bulletin that that was only rumor and would not be happening. John Culver had no electricity until January 30.

Phillip Clarkson said that he had to cut trees out of his driveway in Lebanon to get to his scheduled concert at the Old Talbot Tavern. He was scheduled to play several nights and booked a room in the upstairs of the Talbot Tavern. These are rooms which were slept in by Abraham Lincoln. One room is in fact the Lincoln Room. The Jesse James Room hasn’t been completed and repaired after fire damage a few years ago.

School resumed on February 2, however the snow had coated the ground and covered the remaining ice that hadn’t melted away. Many of us parked on the streets instead of our parking area in back after falling on the walk to our vehicles. Maintenance men have been cleaning up the fallen trees or fallen branches and some of our neighbors have used shovels to break the three inches of ice that were on our porch.

Nelson County schools were still out due to 4,000 people without power and another 3,300 who get electricity from another electric company.

Needless to say, the week was definitely very interesting. I learned new things. Friends were questioning how they’d get their coffee. I boiled water — of course I have a gas stove — and poured it through the filter container on my coffeepot. It kind of surprised Jerrica. She asked how it worked unplugged.

Tracy Cissell celebrated her 22nd birthday on January 31. Late happy birthdays to Roberta Nally, January 28; Ben and Bill Profitt, January 22; Sue Brothers, January 28; Trillis Adams, January 21; Crystal Stidham, January 27, which was also my birthday.

Prayer list this week is Kaylee Greer, Joe Durbin, Jim Hardesty, June Clark, Kathy and Jr. Beavers, Jeff Lester, Julia Rummage, Geraldine Burton, Tyree Matthews, Judy Branham, Crystal Stidham, and Bo Hardin.

Jim Hardesty’s college friend from Eastern Kentucky University visited from Dry Ridge.

Now that the groundhog has seen his shadow I suppose we’re supposed to get more of this. I want a big snow at Christmas then I’m done with winter.

The Sunday before all this, “Boots” Nally from church mentioned he would love to see one more really big blizzard. I think he said like in 1974, either ’74 or ’78. I hope this was what he meant because I hope to never see anything like it or the 22 inches we got in Letcher County in April 1987.

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