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Gas prices were high in Indiana

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. I am back home after having had a great few days in Indiana.

My granddaughter, Ashley Renee Fields, graduated Saturday, June 1. I was surprised that they played a Christian song at the ceremony (I cannot remember the name), as they usually don’t pray or read the Bible in school anymore. It was good to hear them play that song. They had a class of about 170. A party was held for her at Knights of Columbus from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. All went well.

Congratulations also go out to high school graduate Devin Cook, a grandson of Charles and Audrey Hammonds. They are proud of him. He was also a student speaker.

We went to see Charles and Audrey and Audrey’s son, Billy Joe Dobson, his girlfriend, Debbie, and Devin. We also went to Seymour, Ind., to see James’s sister, Carolyn Fields, her daughter Janet Cooley and son Phillip. The we saw Agnes and daughter, Anna Maggard. All were doing pretty good.

We spent most of our visit with our son Chad, wife Amber and our granddaughters.

Elizabeth Ann Grindstaff, a daughter of Ella Pate and Kevin Grindstaff, and granddaughter of Agnes and the late Bill Maggard, can now do general surgery. She has seven more years of residency, then she will be able to do any kind of surgery. It’s good to have a doctor in the family. We are proud of you, Beth.

It’s good to be back home. They want us to move back up there, but my sister Kathy says, “No way.”

My sympathy goes to the family of Easter Huff. She passed away while I was in Indiana. She was a daughter of the late Emily and Eli Dixon, and was married to the late Lloyd Huff.

Gas prices were high in Indiana. Most places there were charging $3.99 per gallon for regular. We finally found it for $3.68. When we got back home, it was good to see it at $3.41. Diesel prices were slightly higher.

A late happy birthday to Stoney Lucas, whose special day was on June 8. Hope he had a great day.

Happy late anniversary to Herb and Linda Fields, who celebrated on June 10. Lisa and Frank Fields will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary on June 13. Congratulations to both of them.

My beautiful granddaughter Rebecca Kay Fields will be 18 on June 15. Happy birthday, sweetie. We love you.

Dana Sturgill has a birthday June 15. We hope she enjoys her day.

My sister-in-law, Carolyn Fields has a birthday June 16. Happy birthday to her.

Happy birthday wishes also go to Marty Smith and Bill Maggard Jr., both of whom have birthdays on June 14.

My precious dad passed away 25 years ago on June 14, and I still miss him very much. RIP, Jasper Fields. My father-in-law, Roy Fields from Edmonton, passed away 28 years ago on June 13, and is still missed very much. Amy Ison passed away three years ago on June 8. Mary Lou Fields passed away two years ago on June 17. All are still missed by all who knew them.

Happy second anniversary to Jessie and Ross Cline on June 18, who also are expecting their first son. Congratulations on both.

Please pray this week for Loreva Fields; Della Mae and Morris Maggard; Amber Fields, fell and hurt her ankle; Hazel Rayburn; Irene and Eugene Day; Lisa Baker Boggs, who had surgery; Carla, Destiny and Tony Maggard; Joe Maggard; Pat Mullins; Melinda Daniel; James Fields; Eddie and Kathy Wolfe; Archie and Margaret Fields; the Huff family in the loss of their mother; Rick Polly; and for Bug Yonts on the loss of his wife.

And please keep all students in prayer that they have a safe and happy summer.

There have been so many wrecks with ATVs, motorcycles, side-by-sides and car wrecks. Some passengers have been killed and others seriously injured.

Just last week in Greensburg, Ind., a motorcycle hit a Kubota ATV as the farm vehicle was pulling out of a private drive in the country. A 27-year-old on a Harley- Davidson motorcycle was killed, and a 71-year-old on the Kubota suffered severe head injuries. So please be careful. Lives cannot be replaced.

I wish people on 931 S would slow down when they come off of Cowan Mountain. They speed up and people are always pulling in and out at the store. I’m so scared they are going to get hit.

I wish they had “Congested Area” signs up. Might help some, not sure.

It has been a year since Archie and Eddie had surgery. They are both doing some better. Healing is a slow process.

Well, I guess I have blabbed on long enough, so it’s time to get off of here.

Be good to one another, attend the church of your choice, and until next time smile.

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