Whitesburg KY

Georgia Phillips home again after knee surgery


Our weather is a little on the cool side. The dogwood trees are blooming and there are many signs of spring. Seasons like our seasons go by fast and especially as you get older. I hope it will be a good fruit year. Some are getting ready to plant their gardens.

We had a good church service at Little Cowan. We are excited about getting the Association this year and some have already made their reservations.

Get well wishes to Mrs. Georgia Phillips, who had knee surgery in Pikeville. Glad she is able to be back home and hope she will have a speedy recovery.

Several went out for dinner on Sunday after attending church at various places. We are blessed with churches here in the mountains. We didn’t see as many churches on our Western tours like we have here in Kentucky.

We should be proud of our rivers and streams. We should also be proud of our four seasons.

There will be a yard sale at the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church on Friday and Saturday, May 2 and 3.

Several from Cowan went to Hurricane Valley’s Union meeting. They had wonderful services with lots of visiting ministers.

Linda Lucas, Carol Caudill, and Marilyn Banks spent the weekend on Cowan and visited their Aunt Virginia on Saturday.

Anna and Duane Yonts’s grandchildren visited them this week, Wesley from Morehead, and Joe and Tasha from Kona.

Happy birthday to Linda and Bennett Combs’s twin daughters, Regina Crawford and Ramona Finchum, on May 18, and to Linda’s sister, Yvonne Sutphin, on May 16, and Yvonne’s twin granddaughters, Vickie and Jackie Frone, on May 7.

All the work going on is providing us with some interesting snake tales. Two of the neighborhood dogs, Millie and Blackie, got interested in watching the water line being laid, befriended the men, and started spending their days with them. One day one of the men started to pick up a rock and one of the dogs wouldn’t let him. As it turned out, there was a copperhead under the rock.

Up on the hill nearby, the gas company workers moved a rock and there were five big copperheads under it.

We miss a lot of our people and friends who used to come in for a visit before their parents passed away. Many of them take The Eagle to hear from home.

Elizabeth Fairchild enjoys visiting her children who live away. I miss her when she is gone.

Mrs. Bessie Day recently enjoyed a nice visit with her relatives in Ohio.

I think our good neighbor, Allen Sexton, is going to plant us a garden. He does nearly every year. Our spring season is a pretty time of the year.

We are blessed with our four seasons as I have said many times. You would be rich if you had our seasons out West. We enjoyed our Western tours but it was always good to get back home. They should come here and see our pretty mountains.

Hope everyone has a nice week.

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