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Geraldine Fields celebrates 80th birthday

Big Cowan

Geraldine Fields turned 80 years old on May 17. She has been in the hospital and desires everyone’s prayers. Hope you were well enough to enjoy your birthday, and I won’t tell anyone that your son, Paul, gave away your age — oops!

I am having a hard time adjusting to all these little winters we are having. I think it is blackberry winter now and it’s really been chilly. Maybe I will thaw out before summer. Ha! Ha!

Emma Adams had a birthday this week. I thought it was May 15 but everyone told me it is the 25th. Hope you have a good one. We are the same age from November till May. Won’t mention our age.

Remember my son, Mike, in your prayers. His sugar is running high and he drinks too much regular pop. He won’t drink diet. Also, remember Kathy. She is having kidney problems.

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend and remembered those that have gone on before us. There were lots of picnics, people hitting the swimming pools, and of course the Indy 500. My favorite is Helio Castavanes. Ever since he started he has been my favorite.

Odessa (Jones) Lewis turned 73 this month and her granddaughter, Emily Lewis, turned 12. Late happy birthday. Odessa’s daughter, Ruby Lewis, came by and sat on the porch with us. We had a really good visit. She finally met Cindy Fouts and come to find out she is married to one of the Shell boys and they just live up the mountain from me.

All my neighbors seem to be doing well this week. Some of them are working in their garden and trying to keep their vegetables and flowers from freezing during this cold spell.

Shelby Bockover called the other day from Greensburg, Ind., to tell Mike one of his friends died. She said she misses my article when it is not in the paper. I apologize, Shelby, and thanks for reading. Tell Bobby and Tommy hello from us.

The mountains are beautiful this time of year. I sit with amazement on how God created them with such splendor and beauty. Each tree seems to be placed in perfect order from short to tall so the colors will blend in perfectly. There is no way man could plant them. God must have used birds to sow the seeds. Anyway, we should not take anything for granted. We need to stop and be thankful every day that we have eyes to see all of this. I know God has a sense of humor because He created me and you.

A big hello to all the elderly in my neighborhood, Della Mae and Maurice Maggard, Irene and Eugene Day, Mary Lou Fields, Mary Ann Maggard, Gillis Dollarhide, Jim Snell, Hager Trent, Coleman Day, Hazel and Earl Rayburn, Elmo and Deolia Day, and anyone else I failed to mention. Most of us that are a little younger are becoming the older generation. Some of our parents have gone on and we really miss them. Hopefully we will see them again someday.

I saw my Aunt Nova Lee (Sexton) Fields the other day. She said she had been on Cowan decorating Benton’s and Grandma Susan’s and her babies’ graves. She seems to be doing fair healthwise. She said it had been nine years since Ben died.

Our family reunion will be coming up soon and I hope she will be there.

My brother, Archie, has not been feeling well for a few days. Keep him in your prayers.

Paige Brown and Marty Alan Wofford got registered for kindergarten this past week and seem to be excited about it. Marty loves to ride the school bus and he and Paige are best buddies and will be in the same class as well as another friends of theirs. Can’t remember her name, I think it’s Kayla Miles. I am sure they will have lots of fun. I started first grade when I was five years old and I liked school a little better each year. I graduated when I was 17 years old. Man, that is history!

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