Whitesburg KY

Get your line and bait in the water!

Gabby’s fishing fever

I have talked to several anglers this week and most of them say they have been doing well catching bass and crappie. The weather has helped the fish to become more active and feed more.

As a result of the recent nasty and rainy cold weather, some of the lakes got high and muddy and made fishing very tough. Many anglers are just now getting back out to the lakes, and I hope to be fishing with them very soon.

This is a great time to start your early spring. When bass fishing you can try shallow running crank baits and spinners to catch shallow feeding bass. Bass are now hunting in the shallows and close to the bank areas for shad and other baitfish. Try to stick with natural colors like white, silver and black, as well as shadcolored baits. If fishing shallow does not work well for you, fish deeper cover with smaller baits like worms and tube baits.

Crappie are fun to catch on minnows or they can be caught on small tube baits or crappie jigs. Whatever you prefer, just get out and go fishing soon.

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