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Getting through the day

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Some random thoughts for getting through the day …

Have you heard of custom puzzles? They’re available at a number of places online. (Read the reviews before you order and look for U.S. companies.) Select a favorite vacation or family photo, decide on the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces, send in your order and you’ll get back all the pieces to create a puzzle of that image. Call the company first to be sure of the details.

Buy stamps by mail and stay out of the post office. Ask the local post office to have your mail carrier bring out a stamp order form and envelope. Check off the ones you want, write a check payable to Postmaster and slide it into the envelope. Leave it in your outgoing mail and within a few days your stamps will be delivered to you.

Do you have enough indoor plants? Even if you have a few, can you use more? Plants are good for our indoor environment where we’re all spending so much time. Check your local nursery for curb pickup.

If you miss playing chess with others, you can play online. See www.chess.com/play/computer and play against the computer. Better yet, play against a pal using an old-school method: set up a board on each end and send your moves to each other via email.

On the other hand, too many people are trying to cut their own hair nowadays since too many salons and barber shops are closed. If you think you want to cut your own hair, don’t. If you really insist you need to cut your hair and haven’t done it before, go online to YouTube and watch a few dozen how-to videos about cutting hair. Then rethink your plan again. Whatever you do, don’t use regular kitchen or paper scissors. If you have to do this, invest in proper haircutting shears.

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