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Gibson reunion a success

Cowan Creek

The Gibson reunion was a success. I got to see lots of family members that I had not got to talk to in a long time. I got to pass off the traveling gift that we take on the cousin trip. I hauled it around for a year. Yeah, me.

The highlight to me at the reunion was when Robert and Sherrie Brown’s son sang “I Will Pull Off the Old Coat and Put On the New”.

Aunt Virginia Brown and Aunt Elsie Banks got lots of love. We are so glad they were able to come. I got to show off Carolina Rayne Eldridge. She was probably the youngest babe there.

They had a cornhole tournament at John and Faye Campbell’s. The winners were Mark Wenning and Roger Carpenter. They received a trophy each. Faye Campbell and Janis Marr gave them a run for the trophy.

We so missed Michael Campbell. He posted how he wished he could have been with us, but he is still hiking the Appalachian Trail. Don’t forget to make a donation in honor of our troops. His goal is $5000. Midnight Sparkle.

I so missed Aunt Janice Walod. She was not feeling well. Prayers for her.

Diane and D.L. came in from Indiana and stayed with Kae from Thursday to Sunday. We so enjoyed her. She is a daughter of the late Lane and Magaline Brashears. Continue to pray for her as she still has two more chemo treatments.

Congratulations to Megan Arrowood and her husband Jonathan Adams. They got married on Saturday.

Happy birthday to Hassie Wright. His birthday was Saturday.

Shelia Hall Connelly killed a big rattlesnake while she was picking berries. I am so glad. Snakes are for rats not humans. She said her husband Will was going to eat it. No way!

The Cowan Creek Music School Festival was a successful week. Carol Ison wrote about the week on Facebook . So enjoyed her posts. She is a good leader and well as a wonderful Christian. God sure blessed all involved. We sure are blessed to live on Cowan Creek. God is always in the midst.

Continue to pray for my grandson Collin Cruz Eversole as he may have to have another surgery on his larynx. He has some cysts that have caused his voice to change. My sunshine!

Hope everyone has a great July 4. Be safe and watch over the little ones. It’s Independence Day!

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