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Gibson reunion draws big crowd

Hello everyone. Time is going quickly and it’s already July. I hope July is a perfect summer month for you.

We had Carli Charles of Xenia, Ohio, staying with us last week. Mike and I only had sons so having an 11 year-old girl around was fun. Carli and I had a manicure/ pedicure at Jenny Lea Academy one day. She came out with a design on her nails as she knew what she wanted. She and I shopped at Annie’s Frugal Finery one afternoon. We went blackberry picking with John and Faye Campbell one afternoon. Carli does love her blackberries. Every evening we played Diamonds as Carli loves that game. We had to concentrate to beat her. We all had a good week.

The Hop and Manerva Gibson family reunion was held on June 29 at the Cowan Community Center. There were approximately 100 relatives there. Those that were able to make it enjoyed themselves. We have a talent show every year and again this year we enjoyed some talent. Li Fu Stigers of Crestview sang a song that she had written. Carli Charles showed how to fold a dollar so it looked like a tee-shirt. Robert and Bradley Brown of Jonesboro, Tenn., sang. Landon Harris of Lexington sang to us and Rebecca McQueen of Cowan also sang for us.

A tribute to the eight Gibson sisters was held this year. A family member talked about their parent or grandparent or aunt. Everyone enjoyed the tribute.

There’s a silent auction that we do every year and it was a success again this year. ose

Th attending the Gibson family reunion were: Shirley Harris of Tinsley, Miss.; Jennifer Sigrest, Kathy LaMonte, Sarah LaMonte, Emma Phillips, and Ava Phillips of Clinton, Miss.; Anne Carpenter of Yazoo City, Miss.; Janice and Ron Wolod of Stevensville, Md.; Susan and Waldo Stamper, Alyssa Stamper, Susan Ware, Laura and Mike Harris, Cassie Harris, Joshua Blachard, Landon Harris, and Hannah Harris of Lexington; Thelma and Glennon Ison, Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg; Greg Wenning of West Milton, Oh.; Carla Charles and Carli Charles of Xenia, Oh.; Mark Wenning of Monroe, Oh.; Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, Oh.; Kenny and Tonia Banks of New Carlisle, Oh.; Robert and Sherrie Brown, Joe Brown, and Bradley Brown of Jonesborough, Tenn.; Pat and Marilyn Banks, Mattie Handlon of Edinburg, Ind.; Brie and Nick Decker, Chance Hasenour, Bailey Hoft, and Mark Goldman of Birdseye, Ind.; Roger and Tracey Yonts of Dahlonega, Ga.; Joe Yonts of Somerset; Linda Lucas, Candra Leach, Holly Holbrook, and Marcella Holbrook of Kingsport, Tenn.; Edwin and Barbara Caudill of Abingdon, Va.; Lexi Pease of Pikeville; Morgan and Byron Eldridge, Caroline Eldridge, and Bentleigh Eldridge of Hindman; Micca Morgan, Eli Morgan, and Finley Morgan of Shelbyville; Tom Ison and Maggie Ison of Louisville; Michael and Janis Marr, Anna Bledsoe, Myles Marr, Addison Marr, and Tucker Marr of Berea; Randy Brown, Doris Banks, Anna and Duane Yonts, Donna and Mike Yonts, Doris Ison, Rebecca McQueen, David and Millie Banks, John and Faye Campbell, Bob and Ramona Caudill, Harold Day, Karen Day, Doris Caudill, Donald Banks, John Banks, Clayton Banks, Clifton Banks, Carl and Marsha Banks; Bryan Banks, Carol Caudill, Jason Brown, Steph Houston, Michael and Victoria Watts; Adam and Sarah Caudill, Aiden Caudill; Mike and Martha Wenning of Cowan and Whitesburg area. If I left someone off this list, I apologize.

On Saturday evening several relatives came over to our house to eat hot dogs. Those there were Janice Wolod, Susan Stamper, Thelma Ison, Jenny Stigers, Li Fu Stigers, Debbie Vice, Susan Ware, John Campbell, Faye Campbell, Janis Marr, Mike Marr, Myles Marr, Addison Marr, and Tucker Marr. Our family Greg Wenning, Carla Charles, Carli Charles, Mark Wenning, Brad Wenning, and Becky Wenning were already there. It was a nice evening. We looked at old photos and talked. It was a familyoriented time.

Our son Mark was not planning to attend the reunion this year. His wife was to get home from med school at noon on the day of the reunion. During a phone conversation with his wife, Mark discovered that Heather’s flight wasn’t coming in until midnight. Mark made arrangements at one o’clock on Friday afternoon to come to the reunion. He said he knew what time his brothers were coming in and he made sure he was behind one by a couple hours and ahead of another by a couple hours so no one would know he was coming. I was totally surprised when he walked in. I thought it was my brother walking in when Mark showed up.

I was glad to see the other two sons but I was expecting them. Our sons do attend family reunions and they all believe in being with family.

Here are some July birthdays: July 5 – Carla Charles; July 8 – Heather Wenning; July 9 – Chad McGinty; July 10 – Jennifer Sigrest; July 12 – Curtis Ware; July 15 – Tori Banks Akers; July 19 – David Barnett; July 24 – Sarah LaMonte; July 28 – Beth Lucas Callahan.

This week’s social media quote was sent to me by a cousin, Jim Yonts of Ft. Meade, Md.

“Your life is your garden, Your thoughts are the seeds. If your life isn’t awesome, You’ve been watering the weeds.” Author Unknown

Please email any news to cowannews@aol.com. Have a great July.

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