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Gibson sisters celebrate birthdays

Hello to all The Mountain Eagle readers and all my family in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, and also West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. All is well here in Florida. The weather is beautiful. We’ve had highs in the 80s. My sisters, Norma J. and Christine, and I sure are taking it all in.

Sisters Reba and Shirley were down here with us, but they went back home to Ohio. I talk to them all the time, and the weather sure is cold and bad in Ohio and Indiana, where my brother Doug lives. Of course, you all know how it’s been in Kentucky. Everyone be careful and safe in the snow and ice. especially my brother Joe, who lives up there.

We have been celebrating birthdays a lot. Reba had a big birthday party in September when she turned 80, and Jean and Christine had birthdays in February Norma J. was 75 Feb. 15, and Christine was 72 Feb. 9. Shirley had her big one on March 10. She turned 70.

Now me, I’m right there in the chase. I will be 74 on May 8. God sure has blessed us all. I have been blessed very much. Florida

Dec. 17, my grandson Justin and wife Johnna became parents of a big boy. They named him Justin David Menendez II. I think he is the most beautiful baby in the world. Of course, I’m the great-grandma. I went to see him in January. My daughter Beverly is sending us pictures all the time on the camera by phone!

Beverly lives in Virginia, and she and her husband Bryan got married in July. So they moved to Virginia from North Carolina for Bryan’s job. Beverly goes down to see the Justin and the baby at least every two to three weeks. She’s got him so spoiled, but grandmothers do that.

Justin has another baby girl named Chyna, who lives in Durham, N.C. She is 5 years old. Beverly picks up Chyna and takes her with her almost every trip to North Carolina. She is a very good and proud grandmother.

I sure love my greatgrandbabies and grandchildren. My two granddaughters were on spring break March 11. Kristan Anderson came to Ft. Lauderdale, and Halli Anderson came to Orlando to Disney World. Both spent the whole week. Kristan is 19 and Halli is 13. They both had a very good time.

Kristan is a sophomore at Akron University in Ohio. Halli is in the seventh grade in Bluffton, S.C. Their father, Jimmy, is my youngest son.

Christine’s granddaughter, Kelsey Alyea, came down to North Port to spend her spring break with her granny. She brought two girlfriends with her and they really had fun going to the beach and shopping. Kelsey is a senior in high school and will graduate in May. She lives in Crawfordville with her parents, Bryan and Pam Alyea. She has a brother, Leland, who goes to college in Hanover near Indianapolis, Ind. Leland is a sophomore and plays football.

Norma Jean lives with her son, Billy, in Port Charlotte, and her grandson, Kaleb Gibson, goes to college up here in Orlando.

We’re all proud of these kids and their activities and achievements.

We three ladies are all ‘snowbirds,’ and we will be going back up north in May. Right now we’re enjoying ourselves and visit one another every day. We wish our two sisters were here with us. So, Reba, you and Shirley stay warm in Ohio and all of our families up there.

Norma J., Christine and I have been going to baseball games here in Florida to watch our great-nephew Kyle Gibson play. He plays for the Minnesota Twins Triple A. The Triple A squad is located in Rochester, N.Y. and is called the Rochester Red Wings. Kyle was invited down here for spring training with the Minnesota Twins team. He is a right-handed pitcher, very strong arm and an awesome pitcher.

Kyle was drafted in 2009 by the Minnesota Twins, first round, 22nd pick. He started out in Single A, went on to Double A, then on into Triple A, just last year. He is the son of Harold and Sharon Gibson, and a grandson of Doug and Von Gibson, all from Greenfield, Ind.

Kyle was married to Liz Straatmann, Nov. 27, 2010, and they are a very special couple and real good kinfolk. We are all so proud of him. He was to go back up to New York to meet with his Triple A squad April 4. Liz will stay in Ft. Meyers and then go on up to be with him a little later. I’ll keep everyone up to date on his schedule and whereabouts.

Kyle’s two cousins, Austin Gibson and Taylor Gibson, both play baseball. Austin is a catcher and plays for Marion College in Indianapolis, and Taylor plays two different positions in Richmond College in Richmond, Ind. They are sons of Mike and Darla Gibson of Greenfield, Ind., and also the grandsons of Doug and Van. Scouts have already been looking at Austin. He is a very good catcher.

We have been watching the NCAA tournament, and were so excited for Kentucky. We were hoping they would go all the way.

All my family are like ‘nuts’ when it comes to sports. My nephew Don Gibson and his wife came down to Atlanta to watch the SEC games.

When Kentucky came down to St. Pete to play in the NCAA first round, my sister and I wanted to go, but we called about the tickets and man! They were too much. About $150 in the ‘nosebleed section.’ We’re too slow for that many steps and height. No kidding, though, that would have been awesome. Oh well, maybe next time.

I must get this off in the mail, it’s almost 12 and the mail goes real soon.

Hello to all my children, Beverly, Bobby and Jimmy and their families.

I will write more often. I’ve been real lazy since I came to Florida, and have been taking in all the sunshine and beautiful weather.

God bless everyone and keep us all in your prayers.

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