Whitesburg KY

Gibsons welcome baby boy home

Big Cowan

Hello folks, hope everyone is surviving this cold spell. So many without heat, water, some without food. Just praying that we all make it through this terrible time.

The older we get our bodies do not tolerate this cold weather, and I have used more propane this winter than years before just trying to keep warm.

Several birthdays this week: Dwight Harvey will be 37 on Jan. 29; Astor Fields, Jr. will be 63 and Olivia Seniours will be 10, both on Jan. 31; Carolyn Harvey Sturgill will be 63 on Feb. 1; Dakota Fields and Robert Dennis Sexton both have a birthday on Feb. 2; and Aiden Jaylynn Nicole Fields will be four years old on Feb. 3.

Happy birthday to all of them, and hope they have a good time despite the weather.

I have a new great-nephew. Brantlee Luke Gibson, seven pounds, 12 ounces and 19 inches long, was born Jan. 23. He is the son of Deidra Fields Gibson and Sammy Gibson, and is welcomed home by big sis, Kylee. Congratulations to all.

So many people have been sick or in the hospital. Keep them in prayer as they try to recover: Archie Fields, Grant Fields, Frank Sturgill, Loreva Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Melinda ‘ Kay- Kay Daniel, Ashley Fields, Agnes Maggard, Audrey Hammonds, Tony, Carla and Destiny Maggard, Brack Sexton, Peggy Caudill, Ellen King, Pat King and her son (can’t remember his name), the Lucas Family just lost their dad, Richard Lucas; James Boyd; Marie Boyd; Georgette and Harry Sims; Virginia Ann Gilley and Carol Ann Ison.

Remember all your neighbors, the shut-ins, those in the hospital and nursing homes, and keep them in prayer.

Indiana has been in a state of emergency for driving on the roads, but my son Chad is determined to go to work anyway. Pray that the Lord will keep him safe, and all those who are without electricity and water.

Worse winter since the blizzard of 1976, the large snowdrifts, below zero temps, etc. Not a fun time.

We had gone to Clarksburg and drove through a tunnel of snow just to get to Mom and Dad’s. Our car’s transmission drowned out and it never ran the same after. We had left Mom and Dad’s and headed home toward Greensburg. Mike (almost five) stayed with Mom and Dad. We had Chad with us. He was a baby then, and we got stranded on the road. A farmer brought his tractor and pulled our car to his house, where we could go inside and warm up.

Our car finally started. We started home and it quit again. Thank God it started up again, and we finally made it home. The car did not run again for two week.

I know what hard times can be, so my heart goes out to all in this kind of weather.

Guess I have gone on too much, so I will close for now. God bless.

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