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Mostly cloudy

Gift is pumpkin fudge


Today is Wednesday, May 11, and what a glorious day it has been. Sunshine and nearly 80 degrees. I love it! My kind of weather. All I can say is wow and double wow.

We are finally having the kind of spring weather we’ve been waiting for. Everything is so beautiful, fresh and new. It’s as though our part of the world has just woken from a deep sleep and decided to awe us by dressing up in every gorgeous color found in her wardrobe.

I do hope every mom, grandmother, soon- tobe moms and all adoptive moms had a fantastic Mother’s Day. I had a super weekend.

Charles and Delores got in Friday and as usual bearing a special gift. A pan of pumpkin fudge, yummy! We really enjoyed their visit and when they left on Monday it was too quiet and sad.

I received some really beautiful cards and flowers, a basket of azaleas in the most beautiful shade of pink or rose, from Lena Stallard in Pound, Va. Saturday, a vase of six roses in a deep dark red shade from our latest ‘adopted,’ Liz Gobolich of Amherst. As of now we have three ‘adopted’ daughters, Lena, Liz and Carleta Adams. There’s room for more if anyone feels as though they could use a mom and dad or maybe grandparents. Red and I are available.

I just got a call from Jeanie with some great news. They are going to be a mamaw and papaw again come September. Calvin and Mary are expecting again and Carson will have a little brother. Congratulations to the whole family. There’s nothing more precious than a tiny baby to love and cuddle.

I finally got some beans planted, and I just hope they do well. Mustard is growing well but thicker in some spots than in others due to the downpour of rain which fell the night after we got seeds in the ground. I’m just thankful they didn’t all wash away.

Howdy, Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard, Creda Isaac and all others who write a column for The Mountain Eagle. I read everyone and really enjoy them. I never know when I will read about a relative, a friend or someone I used to know. The Mountain Eagle is my lifeline to ‘back home’. I’ve just got to have it every week, otherwise it’s sort of a lost week. Northeast Ohio

I haven’t talked to Richard and Georgia since the weekend. But as the old saying goes, “No news is good news.” I did see Ricky at Bill’s store as he has been helping Bill a few hours a week since Bill’s full-time helper is still on sick leave.

It got really warm this afternoon, up to 80 and above in some places, and now we have clouds and thunder. Oh well, it’s still spring and as ours came late, it may last overtime.

It’s almost time for the Engle-Sturgill picnic and I really wish we were up to making the trip. Not only would I love to see all the family, but also the very, very nice people I got to meet and talk with at Pine Mountain Grill. To me they are dear friends.

Hello to all and think of me while you are enjoying the good food and conversations, okay? I hope the weekend will be a nice warm and sunny one.

It will soon be time for my Gal Friday so I had better get this finished and ready for her to send in for me. It’s a good thing she and Billy Wayne know a lot about computers because I couldn’t even turn one on or whatever it’s called to get started. I guess I’ll never know.

All have a peaceful week, sweet dreams at night, and respect and consideration to all you might come in contact with.

Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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