Whitesburg KY

Gift packages made it Christmas in July

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, family, friends and neighbors. Do hope this finds all well and having a great day. We are both doing very well, I’m beginning to get my hearing back. The muddy water in my head must be drying up. It shore ain’t any fun not bein’ able to hear what people are sayin’, course they could talk about me all they wanted and I wouldn’t know what they were saying.

Our company left . We sure were glad they came but it’s always lonely when they leave. As far as I know we’re getting more company on the 24th. Charles and Delores are planning to come up then. I’m so glad Red’s family do come to visit. It’s a bit hard for us to make long trips anymore. My side of the family will be here for the picnic, at least I hope they will all be here.

What a grand day I had, was just like Christmas in July, all due to some special giving people. I want to send thanks to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass for the CD of one of their programs, such beautiful gospel music. I even skipped my daily nap to listen and while doing that was munching on some delicious chocolate fudge, thanks to Mildred Perdue of Virginia. She also added other items and what a great time I had going through the box. Guess I reverted back to childhood days. Love and thanks to the three of you. You certainly know how to make a so-so day very special.

We are really having summer weather here, it’s hot and muggy, temps in the 90s. Just too hot to be outside.

OK, all you family members for the last and final time, I want to remind you about the Engle-Sergent picnic which will take place on August 10 from noon till dark and will be at Hill Top Park in Elyria, Ohio. There will be plenty food, good company and we usually have good old country and gospel music and singing. Be alookin’ fer yew.

I still don’t have my spring cleaning done. I ’bout decided to just dust and polish and let it go at that. I’ve jist run outa steam.

Haven’t heard from any of my family this week except Richard and Georgia. They were by for a visit last Saturday and I saw them today. They are both doing well. They were baby-sitting Luis. I haven’t talked to Chester and Jettie this week, but I’m a believer in “No news is good news.”

I would like to wish sister-inlaw Goldie Engle in Letcher Manor a belated happy birthday, which she celebrated the earlier part of the week. I would also like to send birthday greetings to some others: Red and Anna Leah Goins, both on August 10; three nieces who celebrate in August, Melissa (Sergent)Taylor in Murray and the two daughters of our sister, the late Ethel (Sergent) Sanders, Marcia Hall in Whitesburg, on the 14th and Mishael Segovia in Teona, Calif., on the 25th; sister Sarah Belle Sergent in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 24th; nephew Ricky Sergent in Lorain, Ohio, on the 11th’ and Red’s niece, Darla Rene, in Johnson City, Tenn., on the 21st. While on the subject of birthdays, I might as well send out all August ones lest I forget later, just hope I can get the dates right. On the 1st, Ava Blair in Williamsburg, Ohio; Wanda Norwood in McEwen, Tenn., on the 7th; also on the 7th, Colleen Craft in Fairland, Ind., and Bobby Joe Pass in New Palestine, Ind.; great-granddaughter Lydia Marie August Aley in Elyria, Ohio, and one of Richard’s grandsons, Ben Provoznic, in Wellington, Ohio, on the 29th. Hope each and every one get lots of presents and plenty cake and ice cream.

Congratulations to these couples who celebrate anniversaries in August: Don and Ava Blair in Williamsburg, Ohio, on the 17th; Bobby and Madonna Pass in New Palestine, Ind., on the 28th; and Terry (Hunsucker) and Phillip Shortt on the 29th. Wishing all of you many, many more happy years together.

I’m sure I have forgotten someone so happy birthday and anniversary congratulations to any and all who celebrate in August.

I was going through some papers this afternoon and ran across some Mountain Eagles from 1978 and 1979. I haven’t been through them to see why I kept them but plan to do so soon. They were mailed to Sam Sergent, my dad.

Gittin’ ’bout time for Miss Catharine to arrive so had better git this dun an’ reddy fer her. So till next time, have a good week, stay well, stay happy, love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548.

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