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Gifts are under Engles’ Christmas tree

Northeast Ohio

Dear friends, I owe so many letters I thought I would sort of get a head start this way. It is such a busy time right now and I have so much to do, and when one goes so at a snail’s pace, I just can’t keep up.

I do hope this finds all well, staying warm and looking forward to a happy holiday season with family and friends.

Bill and Redia came by, bringing Christopher and Meagan. They, with some help from Redia, got our tree all decorated and I must say they did an excellent job. To the three of you, “Thank you.”

Now it’s my turn and I think I’ve done pretty well. I have most gifts wrapped and under the tree. This time of year my mind wanders back to Christmas at the Sam and Polly Ann Sergent home in the mountains of Kentucky. Not a fancy home, but one filled with love, laughter, the scent of a freshly cut pine tree, and the wonderful smell of Mom’s cooking filling the house. I’m sure some of us were underfoot begging for a taste of something we liked. We always had fresh pork or chicken, shucky beans, baked sweet potatoes and many more dishes; the table was absolutely loaded, with no more room. Practically every item had been grown on the farm and preserved in some way, either canned, dried or pickled.

We always had stack cake, gingerbread squares and Mom usually baked (from scratch) a couple of plain cakes, and frosted them with some kind of homemade frosting. She used to make the best pumpkin pie, not as we know them now but made in a big bread pan with biscuit dough on the bottom, fully made from cooked pumpkin with eggs, sugar and vanilla and I’m not sure what else. The top crust was also biscuit dough but made into wide strips. Delicious! I tried one once, and got sort of close, but not like Mom’s. Now I’ve done and made myself homesick for an old-fashioned hill country Christmas.

I’m doing well, I just need a little get up and go. Red had a pretty rough week, but I’m hoping he will be better by Sunday so we can go to Little Pilgrim Home Church.

I talked to Georgia, and she’s just getting over a bad sinus infection. Richard has had a really bad cold but is better now, and Ricky had stents put in his kidneys. Poor guy! He’s been plagued with kidney stones for several years. He is going in for x-rays to see if they can shatter the stones or do something to give him some relief.

Jason and Jennifer (Hall) Robke along with big sister Sydney of Avon, Ohio, hosted an open house/baby shower on Nov. 22 to introduce their new baby son, Nolan Robert (who is now six weeks old), to his father’s relatives who had been unable to see him earlier. His paternal grandparents were in attendance, Robert and Joyce Robke of Dayton, Ohio (Joyce is originally from Uniontown), along with uncle and aunt, Bill and Suzanne (Robke) Brock of Cape Cod, Mass. He also has another uncle and aunt who were unable to attend, Greg and Rebecca Robke. Some from here who attended were Tracy (Jennifer’s sister), aunt Linda Hall and aunt and uncle Georgia (Hall) and Richard Sergent, Jennifer’s cousins Debbie (Sergent) and Billy Resor and family, and Ricky and Joyce (Resor) Sergent, and family and of course lots of friends. Does anyone know where Engagement, Ohio is?

Georgia’s sister, Linda Hall, retired Dec. 2, from Ford Motor Company, where she had worked for 34 years.

Oh, by the way, Engagement is between Dayton and Marion. Gotcha!

Had any snow yet? We ain’t had enough to brag about. The ground has not been completely covered. Always a bare patch of two showing. I sure ain’t gonna complain. No doubt we’ll get our fair share sooner or later.

We have received so many beautiful Christmas cards and lots of precious pictures. Thank you, everyone!

Well, that is all the news for now, so I will close, but before I do want to wish Phil Adams in Louisville, a belated happy birth- day, which was on Dec. 5. I do hope both he and Jeanie are well and looking forward to a great holiday season with family.

I really am going to say so long now, wishing all a great day and an even greater week. Love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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