Whitesburg KY

Gillis Reedy has knee surgery

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and happy New Year. I took off last week and didn’t do a column, figured everyone would be too busy to read the paper.

Like others, we had our family together at Christmas. We got together at Dad and Mom’s Sycamore School lunchroom, which Bonita and I had decorated.

We missed Keith Pridemore, who was always there with us at family functions. There will always be a touch of sadness at our get-togethers for the rest of our lives due to his passing.

All but April Pridemore were there.

As you traveled up and down Hwy. 7, you could see that many homes had lots of cars in their parking lots, where families were getting together for Christmas.

Gillis Reedy is doing well after having knee surgery at Pikeville. Buford Combs of Spring Branch was also having knee surgery there the same week as Gillis. Best wishes to both of them.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore helped Gillis and Marie during his hospital stay. Wilma’s mom Irene Dixon also spent a couple days in Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital.

After church at Dixon Memorial on Christmas Day, Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bonita and I had dinner at Sycamore and had Rodney and Geraldine Ison joining us. Jerry Adams also came by after attending church at Big Cowan.

Ellis Adams’s sister, Lucille Gilkerson, and her children came in to visit during Christmas.

We hope that former Carbon Glow resident Paul Prince is feeling better after having been sick for quite some time. He is Pat Adams’s father.

Also, get well wishes to Mary Ann Morgan and Gwen Christon, two well loved ladies in the community, who have been having health problems. Jeremiah

Former Doty Creek resident Randy Gilley joined the Little Rosa Church at McDowell and was to be baptized there. We’re all happy for him.

The basketball team at Letcher Elementary got to go to the University of Kentucky ball game last week. Hope all had a good time.

A large crowd of family and friends attended the 50th anniversary party given for Allen and Ruby Meyers. They are well know and loved throughout the area and we wish them many more years together.

Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bob, Kenny, Joe and Hunter Banks, Noah Campbell and I spent Friday night at Carter Caves State Park near Grayson. We had a delicious dinner at the lodge and Bob, Kenny, Joe, Hunter and Noah took a cave tour. Bob, the boys, Mom and I enjoyed walking the trails and seeing the large rock arches and caves. When it’s warmer, we plan to go back for a longer stay. It seemed like a very interesting place.

Jerry and Bonita Adams drove down to Danville on Sunday to visit Jerry’s uncle Merle Caudill, who is in the hospital there.

As I write this it is snowing a little here. We have had mild weather so far this winter.

Arnetta Mae Slone, her daughter and others in the family went to Winchester to attend the funeral for Arnetta’s sister Anna Lou’s son-in-law. They attended visitation the night before and funeral services the next day before heading home.

Bob, Hunter and Noah stopped by Morehead on their way back from Carter Caves and visited Luther and Betty Jo Adams and some of their family. They enjoyed visiting together.

We were glad to hear that Marie Banks’s granddaughter Whitney was to be baptized at the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church last Sunday.

Our sympathy to those who lost loved ones since I wrote last; Frank Durbin, who worked at Blue Diamond with many miners from here, died recently; the family of Maynard Hogg, well known throughout the region and remembered lovingly to have been a hard worker and good friend and family man. Also I saw where Maurice Lewis, former resident and businessman from Whitesburg, had died at Wilmore.

Not only our sympathy to those named above, but to all whose hearts have been broken by the death of a loved one.

We attended church on New Year’s Day at the Indian Bottom Association building in Knott County along with a large host of other churchgoers, who hope for a better year in 2012, not just hope but also pray for that.

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