Whitesburg KY

Give thanks

To the Editor:

We have been involved in a legal process for several years and it appears likely that it will go several years more. Had we had a choice, we probably would not have opted for this experience but, on balance, we think it has been beneficial. We have learned a lot about the legal system, we think we have made at least a small dent in the timber theft that plagues this area, and we’ve been able to meet and be helped by several good people.

These people are the ones who staff the Sheriff’s office, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, and the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. They are uniformly skilled, professional, and patient. We are sure we have tested their patience occasionally, but they have been consistently gracious and generous with their time and efforts. This is admirable, especially in light of the fact that they all appear to be understaffed and overworked, and we appreciate it very much.


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