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‘Glacier Girl’ is still flying

I received a call from an old soldier in Texas who worked for me over 60 years ago. He had just attended an air show in Texas, where he saw the Lockheed P-38 fighter aircraft that was found inside a glacier in Greenland. It was called “History of Glacier Girl”.

In early 1948, I was with the first Air Sea Rescue Team of the men who went to Greenland in the next 50 years looking for the “Lost Squadron”. It was one of the aircraft in the largest forced landings in Air Force history.

The P-38 was restored and set inside a museum in Kentucky for years. A pilot bought the plane, and flew it to Texas where he performed in air shows all these years.

As a young teenager in early 1946, flying as a crew member on a B-17 bomber and hearing all the talk about the “Lost Squadron” at the start of World War II, I never once thought I would be on a rescue mission looking for these aircraft two years later.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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