Whitesburg KY

Gladys Smith recovering from mild heat stroke

North Carolina

Well, back in motion again as they say. I’ve been under the weather.

I sure appreciated the card and picture I got from Ohio correspondent Emma Sergent Engle. I also enjoyed our visit by phone.

By nature we all complain, but this weather has been terrible. I had a mild heat stroke and have three air conditioners going and a $250 light bill.

I always say, who can figure everything? So at church, the pastor told this. How can a black and white cow that eats green grass give white milk that makes yellow butter? We have a wonder of a pastor. Sister Gupon is a wonder. I am one year older than her and we have been friends for years.

My brother, Earl, and wonder dog Missy are taking it easy in this heat, as we all should. I haven’t been out much in a few weeks but will go and give a speech on missionary work. I am invited to a women’s conference and went to a cookout, so I am getting back into the swing again.

The pets are all doing fine. The grandbabies are in school. Caleb is in the third grade and Alizah is in kindergarten. Caleb is talking computer classes so I gave him my computer. I wasn’t a whiz on it, as Rose Ballard Durham.

Note: Rose’s columns that she writes are super. I personally enjoy them. It isn’t easy to get news as she does. So, Rose, keep up the news. I really would miss not reading them. Remember, you nor I can please everyone and shouldn’t try, OK?

You know when you’re in the hospital it is nice to have a good nurse, and I sure did a few weeks back. My first cousin, Mary Maggard from Partridge, was my nurse. God surely made her destiny as a nurse. She is the best nurse I ever had. She kept busy.

I was thinking who in the world would I have as my person of the week and I was so pleased to get a letter and picture from Joyce and Charlie Whitaker from Blackey, good friends from a good way back in years. Joyce, send me another picture and I hope you don’t mind me using this one. So I choose the Whitakers as people of the week. They are pictured with their great-grandson, Grayson. Joyce and Charlie certainly deserve to be people of the week. They have accomplished so much as a couple.

We have read about Charlie and his dulcimers in The Mountain Eagle. Joyce helped him organize the first Appalachia Day. I always brag on them.

Time doesn’t stand still, so whatever you’re going to accomplish, do it while you are young, but I don’t regret doing what I do in my older years. Being a senior person, I get a lot of respect in church. Our piano player, Bro. Don, calls me Mom, but he isn’t lagging far behind me. We have a wonderful church.

This is for my brother, Vernon Maggard, there in Partridge. Every time I ask Earl about him he has been fishing, going or planning on going. So here, for large red drum, the Lupton Owen Rig consists of a pegged egg sinker, a short 100-pound leader and a big circle hook. The rig helps prevent deep hooking large red drum. All Greek to me.

I will close. I have a lot of work waiting. Good morning, goodnight. The Smiths, Pete and Gladys.

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