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Glenn, Dorothy Miles mark 58th anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. How are things with all of you? Not bad in this neck of the woods.

Kids were on spring break all week. Didn’t see very many out and about. Maybe they, or most of them, went somewhere. Hopefully they had a good time.

Sorry to hear Carl Fields of Whitco died. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and family. I did not know him, but the ones who did spoke well of him.

A lady that I used to work with in Greensburg, Ind., just died. She was 53 years old and had cancer. It seems too young, but cancer and death know no age. Rest in peace, Debbie Land. Our sympathy goes out to her family.

Had a phone call from Agnes Maggard. Keep her and Bill both in prayers. Then Audrey and Charles Hammonds called. Keep both of them in your prayers.

Birthdays this week: Chris Taylor; Tammy Trent, April 20; Courtland Gales, April 21, will be six years old.

Charles and Shirley Day have a wedding anniversary on April 19; Kathy and Eddie Wolfe will be married 34 years on April 22; Dorothy and Glenn Miles will be married 58 years on April 22.

Hope all have a happy birthday and happy anniversary.

Bill King has been in the hospital again, and Tommy Tolliver has been in the hospital also. Keep both of them in prayers.

Tommy Day of Indiana still needs our prayers. Arie Boggs needs prayer.

Archie Ray Fields still needs prayer as well as Mike Fields. Both are still waiting to have surgery.

Brack and Linda Sexton received some good news. They are going to be grandparents again in November. Congratulations.

Another great lady died in Greensburg, Ind. We went to church with Sister Gene Meyer-Coy-Oliver for several years. She will really be missed. Our sympathy goes to her family and friends. She also had cancer. She passed away very peacefully.

James and I need to go up there soon to see Chad, Amber and the girls, and to visit with other family members and friends. I just hate to leave. I’m kind of settled now and like staying home. I used to come to Kentucky every two or three months to visit when I lived in Indiana. Now I am lucky to go there once a year. I miss them, but I like being at home, sweet home.

Irene and Eugene Day are doing pretty well this week so far. Hazel Rayburn is doing okay, I think. Haven’t heard anything on Ella Preston lately. Hope she is doing well.

Well, I am running out of things to say. Imagine that, from a person who always has plenty to talk about.

Until next time, be good to each other and yourself. Smile, it makes others wonder what you are up to. Attend the church of your choice.

Love one another and forgive those who spitefully use you. No one should have hatred in their hearts, but some people do. Just pray for them!

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