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Global warming

To the Editor:

Global warming is caused by many things.

Let’s begin after World War II when they dropped a bomb on Japan. After all these wars, Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War, they used chemicals and sprayed Agent Orange out in the air. Not accounting for the chemicals they used in this war right now and these nuclear plants having meltdowns like the ones that happened in the U.S.S.R. and Pennsylvania. The one we had in Oak Ridge, Tenn., had a leak. Plus all these chemicals have been tested in the desert of Arizona and have been left there. Plus all these moon shots since 1960, who knows what they are putting above us in space?

All this hair spray, aerosol cans, and paint cans are causing the ozone layer to break up. Not accounting for all this Earth has been shifted around. All these shopping malls, house being built, and our mountaintops taken off, and letting all this radon gas come out of the Earth and all these gas-belching gas machines, diesel trucks, all bulldozers, smokestacks from the factories that produce more carbon monoxide escaping in the air.

If it lasts 20 or 50 more years, man will destroy himself and the planet. For it is in the Bible man will destroy this planet and himself for the greed of the almighty dollar he thinks he can’t do without. But the good news is, this money he makes, he’ll have to throw out in the streets. It won’t be worth anything, just a piece of metal or paper which will be useless.


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