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Glow on the Pond Night Kayak Parade August 17

Alphae Profitt is pictured with one of her great-grandsons, her daughter Teresa Glispie, and her son Joe Glispie.

Alphae Profitt is pictured with one of her great-grandsons, her daughter Teresa Glispie, and her son Joe Glispie.

If all goes as scheduled, by the time you all are reading this my sister Lucille Tacket Graves will have gone through open-heart surgery on Tuesday the 13th. She has had a few problems for about six months now and we think this may have been her heart all along. Before any of the rest of us sisters had any problems with our hearts she had problems and had a cath. Hers had done the branching from one vein to another and healed itself. That’s been many years ago. So, she had another cath last week and they found at least three blockages.

That makes all four of us sisters with heart issues and three of us will have had open-heart surgery. Delores only has stents as of now. Our only brother, Albert Tacket, lives in North Carolina and doesn’t have a doctor that cares about his family history enough to schedule a cath for him. I believe I would insist if I were you, brother.

Please pray for her recovery. Her husband John was scheduled for hip surgery early in September, but has rescheduled that for later in the month.



We have many in our community that are still in need of prayers and some that I haven’t mentioned before. Ray Begley, one of the Begley brothers from Colson, had to have a pacemaker installed and is now doing well. His niece, Cecilia Begley Swiney, is now beginning to put some weight on her legs with help from physical therapist.

Alphae Profitt is one of Mom’s friends from Cane Hollow. She is the mother of Joyce Baker, Phyllis Campbell, Velma Caldwell, Teresa Glispie, Rebecca Hipps, and Wayne Profitt. They have been our friends since we moved to Cane Hollow in January 1962. Now my husband and I live across the road from Danny and Joyce Baker and our grandchildren and her grandchildren are friends. Alphae’s youngest daughter Rebecca had been taking care of her at her house, but she isn’t able to now and so they had to admit her to Letcher Manor Nursing Home this past week. Joyce just messaged me, though, and said they had to take her to the hospital from what the doctor thinks may be bronchitis.

Then, another of Mom’s friends, Imogene Sexton, is still battling pancreatic cancer at her home. I see her children are there diligently when I pass by going to Mom’s

Another of our good friends, Yvonne Sexton Tackett, passed away last week. Her husband passed away in January of this year. She never failed to come to us and speak to us when we saw them out anywhere.

If you all are looking for things to do in Letcher County in the next few months, there are many things posted on Letcher County Extension Center’s Facebook page that are coming up. There are also things posted on Letcher County Tourism’s page. Here are just a few that are coming up soon.

Presented by the Mountain Heritage Festival Committee is the Glow on the Pond Night Kayak Parade on Saturday, Aug. 17, at Fishpond Lake. You are to register at 6:30 p.m. and the event will begin at dusk. There will be a prize package awarded for the best decorated kayak.

And then this was posted for an event coming up on the 25th:

“Join us on August 25th- Relax and Enjoy a fun afternoon of floating the Kentucky River through Whitesburg! No experience necessary!

“Kayaks and paddles will be provided for the first 10 people to sign up, for a charge of $15! Bring your own kayak or canoe if you wish and don’t forget your lifejackets!

“We will meet at Riverside Park in Whitesburg at 4 p.m., and float through town to the Whitco area! From there, you will be shuttled back to the park. The trip should last approximately two hours. Be sure to wear water shoes (not flipflops) and clothing suitable to get wet! Depending on water levels, shallow wading may be required in some areas. You are welcome to bring a small cooler with refreshments; we will provide water. Must be age 18 or older for kayak rentals. This tour will be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. Call 606-634-6283 if you need any other information.

“Register for this guided tour here —http://ow.ly/ vPAZ30p8BVd.”

I also saw some wonderful news posted on the Food City Hometown Hero, Letcher Elementary School’s very own Mr. Tyler Watts. He is called the Picasso of Postits. If you haven’t seen some of his window displays at the Harry M. Caudill Library, you don’t know what you’re missing. He will have one in October for Halloween, so keep an eye out for that.

Speaking of school, don’t forget to watch out for those school children and the school buses that are traveling the roads now that school is in session. Please don’t pass those buses when they have their STOP sign out. I’ve seen people do this and I know bus drivers that say they have people do it everyday.

Please remember Laney Webb. Her aunt Maranda told me Saturday she really needs our prayers. Also continue to pray for my Aunt Linda Hall in the nursing home and one of our senior citizens, Estel Taylor. Another senior citizen, Iona Noble, and her sister, Vernetta Roark, also need our prayers. We sure do miss all our seniors that aren’t able to be there like they used to.

Okay, I will go ahead and sign off for the week, by asking you to be in prayer for all those that have lost loved ones, Leeman Taylor’s family, Yvonne Tackett’s family, Martha Taylor’s family, Sarah Hall’s family, and please remember our pastor and his family in the loss of their son, Bobby Jones.

If Oma were still doing this column she would end it just like this, try to be in church Sunday morning, Sunday night and throughout the week if your church has services then.

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