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Go out and cast your vote

To the Editor:

I am worried about the state of our nation. I am fearful for my children’s future. Every day ‘pop culture’ mocks our country’s history and the values America was founded on. News organizations, ‘think tanks’ and the ivory towers of America’s universities are asking, “Is the constitution still relevant?” Why is this happening? It is a leadership problem.

We have elected officials who will not defend our country and the values and traditions and history of our great nation. They are fearful of being ridiculed by the powers of political correctness. They will not defend our way of life and they freely ignore the oath they took. They are followers in leadership positions. So it should be no surprise that many are asking if our constitution is still relevant. Well, it is to me. Our constitution is relevant to me as is our flag and our burning embassies overseas, and I make no apology for it!

We do have some honorable leaders in our commonwealth. One is Justice Will T. Scott of the Kentucky Supreme Court. Justice Scott is a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam. He is a man of honor, courage and commitment. He is a man who takes his oath seriously and has shown he will stand strong under fire. He maintains that warrior spirit as he continues to serve our country and commonwealth. We need more public servants like him. We need to pray for them and encourage them. We also need to vote. Not voting is an insult to those who paid the price for our right to vote.


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