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Go when told

There’s been so much attention paid to the political jousting between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama over the latter’s trip to the Middle East and Europe that some good news is close to being forgotten already: The Iraqi government is talking about American troops leaving by the end of 2010.

Unfortunately, it is not clear that troops pulled out of Iraq would come home right away regardless of which candidate wins the presidency.

For now, there’s no official deadline for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. And yes, for a lot of Americans even 2010 would be too long to wait.

Still, the fact that the Iraqi government wants a timetable for the departure of American troops suggests that there might really be light at the end of the Iraqi tunnel. …

Whether it’s weak or strong, if the Iraqi government tells the United States to leave, it must. The U.S. government has no right to stay the course if the government it helped create says go away. …

— The Austin (Texas)


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