Whitesburg KY

Goats provoked kids’ argument

As I have said many, many times before in the past, we sometimes get too engrossed in the everyday doldrums to really appreciate what goes on around us.

This is especially true where our little ones are concerned. We miss out on a lot of innocent humor because we are caught up in the tide of what ties us to the things of the world itself instead of really noticing what transpired as we drifted along.

For instance, one day I overheard two of our grandchildren having a heated discussion out in the front yard. The little girl was about 6 years old and the little boy about 4 years old.

One would say, “You have to do it,” and the other would say, “No, you have to do it.” Back and forth the argument went, until I decided to find out what all the fuss was about.

My son, who lives below us, had some goats, and the fence came up to the edge of our yard where the argument was taking place.

Two of the goats were close to where the children were playing, or I should say, deliberating. As usual, they were doing what a goat is famous for, eating everything in sight or at least trying to.

Their arguing took on a subdued tone as soon as the children saw me come out onto the porch, but they eventually got fired up again with their ‘you do it’ and ‘no, you have to do it.’

I pretended I couldn’t hear what they were saying, and they kept up their chatter until finally the little boy says, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

I asked them what they were arguing about, and told them that arguing was useless and didn’t change anything.

One of the goats was a nanny and one was a grouchy old billy, and they had been deciding which one was going to milk old billy.

My son got rid of the goats before they had any chance to do any milking.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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