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Good food found at church homecoming

EMILY GRACE ENFUSSE is the granddaughter of Margaret and Donald Enfusse.

EMILY GRACE ENFUSSE is the granddaughter of Margaret and Donald Enfusse.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Last week was a busy week, but a good one.

Our homecoming was real good with a good crowd every night, and we really appreciate everyone coming. Some came all the way from Ashland.

I went to Letcher Manor Nursing Home and met so many there. I visited June Breeding and my good friend Shirley Breeding was visiting her, and I saw Luann Collins. Rose Breeding was there with her, and my niece, Sherry Hatton Fields was there for rehabilitation, and her sister, Margaret Hatton Combs was visiting her.

Avis Boggs Fields was there visiting with Earl Profitt and Juanita. I saw Lucinda Roberts and Mandy King. So I got to see lots of folks and enjoyed talking to all of them.

I was so pleased to get a call from Benny Dent in Michigan last Saturday. He said he was thinking about me, and so he called. They are old friends. His wife Judy Whitaker Dent is a Marlowe girl who was born there. His parents were Sally and Ivan Whitaker. I knew all that family. Benny graduated with my brother, John Howard.

I found a picture for you, Benny. Benny is recuperating from open-heart surgery. I hope he will be able to come in for the Mountain Heritage Festival. They come every year. I told him they were just misplaced Marlowe people.

I also talked to Roberta Willie in Roanoke, Va. She was doing okay, just trying to keep cool. That’s what we are doing also.

Louise Shepherd had some visitors over the weekend. Her grandson Zack Day was in, and his girlfriend Christy and Lindsey Shepherd, the daughter of Wendy and Jerry Shepherd. Louise was looking forward to that.

My friend Margaret Enfusse is wanting to buy a real nice homemade quilt for her brother-in-law, Nathan Enfusse, who is also a Marlowe boy. They are willing to pay a good price for it. If anyone has one, they can contact me or see Margaret at the Uniform Store at Ermine. I hope someone can help her out.

Everyone seems to be busing canning right now. It will sure be handy this winter when you can’t get out much.

Wendy and Kevin Day spent a couple of days in Lexington on a business trip, but hopefully they enjoyed it. Their son, Larry, stayed with me, and nights with his grandparents, Larry and Linda.

I really enjoyed a birthday party for my little granddaughter, Ellie, on Thursday. It was a great party with a very large crowd and lots of pretty babies there. Some very pretty little girls and boys also.

It was good seeing Gillis Reedy and his wife, Marie. They don’t miss any family get-togethers if they can help it. I really like them.

I’m still enjoying the Government Channel of Letcher County. I see so many people I know. Last night I saw Cowan Community Center, and there was Darlene McCool Campbell, a daughter of Frieda Mc- Cool and the late Raymond McCool of Cowan. I was real impressed with Darlene, and also all of the children who are having music lessons and doing well. Also, Lee Sexton. He has been playing and teaching music for 75 years.

I also enjoyed seeing Paul Miles, a cousin of mine, and he talked so good. I called Dorothy Miles, his mother, and asked, “Are you watching your youngun’ on TV?” They hung up on me.

I knew I must have called the wrong number. Has that ever happened to any of you? I hope I’m not the only one.

Our church had its homecoming dinner on Sunday. We had a large crowd, and about 10 preachers (all didn’t preach), and lots of food. Church people sure are good cooks.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Goldie Engle. I’ve known her for many years.

May God bless all of you; try to be in church somewhere this week.

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